2023 Jiayue Tour in Guizhou——Lucid waters and lush mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains

Aug 24, 2023 | News

Time flies, and more than half of 2023 has passed. At this moment, most parts of China are still in hot summer, but some areas are already in autumn, so Jiayue organizes everyone to travel to Guizhou, both to escape the summer heat and to see it together Look at the great rivers and mountains in China. Chinese President Xi Jinping said: “Green waters and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains.” Yes, that’s why we take the opportunity to travel with our family and friends.

This time, Jiayue organized everyone to go to Huangguoshan Waterfall. Huangguoshan Waterfall is located in Ningbuyi and Miao Autonomous County, Anshun City, Guizhou Province, China. It is one of the world’s famous waterfalls. Many of our customers have come to China for tourism. Welcome everyone to come to China to see Look at the landscape! Later, I went to visit the Xiaoqikong Scenic Area. The Xiaoqikong Scenic Area was named after an ancient Xiaoqikong bridge in the Qing Dynasty. This is a place that integrates mountains, water, forests, caves, lakes and waterfalls. natural wonders.

In fact, every trip is a walk in the hearts of the people. This year, Jiayue also has many new friends. They feel the warmth of joining the big family of Jiayue, and they are often busy with daily work and helping each other. Planning a journey is a good opportunity to get to know each other, which also lays the foundation for future collaboration in work. Jiayue chose yellow travel clothes for this trip. Yellow represents enthusiasm and positivity. Jiayue’s friends are just like yellow. They are enthusiastic and active in life and work. I hope everyone can do the same and enjoy life actively.

Friends, our “2023 Summer Jiayue Health Products Guizhou Tour – Enthusiasm and Concentration; Combination of Work and Rest. 2023 2st Travel Station of Jiayue-Guizhou” is over today, I hope you will gain happiness and relaxation from this trip , hope and satisfaction in life! During this trip, I felt the joy of a group of people, united, friendly and helping each other. This is a great team. Travel is a reward for our hard work, it brings relaxation to our lives, and it is a better start again!

Jiayue has invested more than 10 years in the sanitary products industry and has rich experience. This year, Jiayue also followed the trend, designed many novel styles, and upgraded the machines for the production of high-end products. Traveling has enhanced our knowledge, and at the same time allows us to better invest in future work, please contact us now~Whatsapp/Tel/Wechat: 0086 15980308853