About Disposable Velcro Diapers

Oct 25, 2023 | News

In the current market, two types of disposable diapers with waist stickers are trending. One type involves the use of PP adhesive, while the other utilizes Velcro. Generally, the production cost of Velcro diapers is higher compared to PP adhesive ones. However, ongoing economic development and the maturity of raw materials have led to a reduction in production costs. Consequently, except for specific regions in Africa and some parts of Asia that continue to use PP adhesive diapers, the prevalent trend in the market is the widespread adoption of Velcro fastening. Today, our emphasis is on the discussion of disposable Velcro diapers.

Properties of Velcro:

Velcro, widely employed in diapers, lives up to its name by effectively connecting the front and rear parts of the diaper. This ensures a snug fit around the waist, to prevent leakage after urination or bowel movements. It also prevents excessive movement, reducing the risk of the diaper coming loose.

Velcro is commonly used in conjunction with frontal tapes on the front waist of diapers. The frontal tapes are typically non-woven fabric frontal loop tape, laminated non-woven fabric frontal loop tape, knit loop frontal tape, crush frontal tape, etc. It’s worth noting that, with the maturation of technology, non-woven fabric frontal tapes have overcome issues of insufficient adhesion strength and unclear printing. Currently, this technology is almost exclusively used in the Chinese market and is increasingly being embraced by overseas buyers. Non-woven fabric frontal tapes are softer, which provides gentle care for the delicate skin of infants and toddlers.

During customization, Velcro comes in two styles: flat-cut and S-cut. The flat-cut style, while slightly less comfortable than the S-cut style, is commonly used. The S-cut style, on the other hand, is more comfortable, especially during wearer movement or turning, as it reduces the risk of cutting or scratching the skin around the waist. Currently, diaper machinery for baby diapers commonly incorporates the S-cut technique, and S-cut baby diapers are becoming more widespread. Currently, SAP PAPER CORE DIAPER employs the S-cut fastening method on both sides. Manufacturers of wood pulp diapers will assess whether to use flat-cut or S-cut based on customer market demands and preferences. In adult diapers, the straight-cut technique is more prevalent due to its stronger adhesive properties. However, some countries and regions, such as Japan and South Korea, have a preference for the S-cut. Jiayue also offers OEM customization for S-cut fasteners!

Jiayue has accumulated over 10 years of experience in the diaper industry, and assisted customers in designing and customizing diapers for over 70 countries. With a deep understanding of global market dynamics, Jiayue recently introduces 8 models of Velcro diaper designs. These can serve as valuable references. Jiayue’s proprietary brand, Yibero, has successfully expanded its presence internationally, and bulk production and shipments of baby pull-ups are currently underway!

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