About wet wipes,everything you want to know is here

Mar 10, 2023 | News

In the past three years of the epidemic, people have attached great importance to hygiene and health, and products such as wet wipes have also begun to be popularized in families. Recently, influenza A has begun to flood, mainly among children, so hygiene and health will once again attract the attention of parents, and wet wipes and disinfectant wipes will become popular again. So how are wet wipes made? How to choose a wet wipes supplier? Jiayue provides you with complete knowledge of wet wipes.
一、Materials used in wet wipes include:

  1. Non-woven fabric: Non-woven fabric is the main material of wet wipes, which has good water absorption, air permeability and softness.
    1. Water: The water in the wipes is used to moisten the non-woven fabric, and a certain amount of preservatives and humectants are usually added.
    2. Fragrance: Some wet wipes will add fragrance to increase the aroma of the product.
    3. Alcohols: some wet wipes will add alcohols, such as ethanol, isopropanol, etc., for disinfection and sterilization.
    4. Lubricants: Some wet wipes will add lubricants, such as glycerin, to protect the skin.
    5. Others: such as humectants, dispersants, emulsifiers, etc.
      二、The production process of wet wipes mainly includes the following steps:
    6. Preparation of raw materials: including water, non-woven fabrics, lubricants, preservatives, spices, etc.
    7. Paper processing: cutting, winding, horizontal and vertical folding of the raw material non-woven fabric.
    8. Lubricant addition: Spray the processed non-woven fabric with lubricant through the equipment to make it reach an appropriate humidity, so that it is easier to wipe when in use.
    9. Other additives: Add preservatives, spices and other additives to wet wipes as needed.
    10. Packaging: The processed wet wipes are folded, stacked, bagged and sealed through the equipment, and the quality inspection is carried out, and then packaged and labeled.
    11. Finished product storage: The packaged wet wipes are stored in the warehouse for safekeeping, and will be shipped after the customer places an order.
      The above is the production process of wet wipes. During the production process, Jiayue pays special attention to hygiene and quality control to ensure that the products can meet the standards and guarantee the user experience.

    三、How to find a good wipes supplier?
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