Adult Pull-up Pants

Feb 23, 2023 | Uncategorized


Disposable sanitary products are related to the health of the elderly, women, infants and children. Companies naturally know that moldy pine pulp does not produce qualified products, but in order to make profits, they try to cover up dirty raw materials with superficially clean non-woven fabrics. But, after all, adult pull-up pants are the demand of many users. As consumers, it is especially important to choose adult pull-ups with guaranteed quality. That’s why adult pull-ups manufacturers offer some advice to consumers from an industry perspective.

 First of all, adult pull-ups are not the more water absorption the better. Many companies advertise the absorbency of their products with at least 800 ml of water, or even 1500 ml of water. There are two problems. First, water absorption and urine absorption are two concepts. Because urine contains salt, tree sap absorbs water much faster than saline. Secondly, even if 800 ml of saline can be absorbed, the amount absorbed in the saturated absorption state rarely changes after complete absorption.

  Secondly, remember every penny of the merchandise. When consumers buy goods, they must have a reputable platform, do not be greedy for more, and try to choose reasonably priced goods. Because every penny counts, price and quality assurance are mostly proportional.

  Third, smell the inner surface of the adult pull-up pants. If there is an obvious fragrance, please be careful buying. The recycled material in discarded adult pull-up pants has been crushed, tanned and chemically deodorized several times, leaving a distinct scent. The recycled material itself contains a large number of viruses and bacteria, and users are mostly old and frail, with weak immune systems that are easily infected.

  Currently, the global aging problem is serious. Japan, Korea and China have fully entered the aging society and are gradually entering deep aging. The market of elderly care products has ushered in development opportunities. Among them, adult pull-up pants are usage goods. Adult pull-up pants are disposable incontinence products, a kind of adult care products, mainly applicable to disposable diapers used by incontinent adults. At present, adult pull-up pants are mainly sold through three channels: nursing institutions, hospitals and e-commerce platforms.

  With the improvement of living standard and consumption level, customers have put forward higher requirements for the appearance and comfort of adult pull-up pants. According to relevant data, with old age, plus paralysis or other incontinence patients under 65 years old, many elderly people need adult pull-up pants.

   In economically developed regions, competition for adult pull-up pants is mainly among large manufacturers, who focus on brand effect, new product development promotion and fashion capture. In less economically developed regions, which meet people's demand for consumer upgrading, large manufacturers expand their product chains, develop the market for low-quality baby diapers, and continue to sink their sales channels to occupy the shares of small and medium-sized manufacturers. On the other hand, regional small and medium-sized adult pull-up manufacturers make full use of their established local regional popularity to deepen production and sales and have the opportunity to expand a wider sales network.