Analysis Of The Current Situation And Trend Of The Diaper Market Based On China Situation

Nov 10, 2023 | News

There are new babies born every second in the world, and even in this age of declining fertility rates, diapers and other baby products are still a huge market.As people’s quality of life improves and the pace of life accelerates, the demand for diapers, a convenient baby product, will continue to grow, which is the same around the world.

Fujian Jiayue Sanitary Products Co.,Ltd is a professional diaper manufacturer in China,and we offer to analyze the diaper market for wholesale buyers from all over the world.

Baby diapers market size and growth expectations

  1. Market size. In 2018, the market size of China’s baby diapers was 126.490 billion yuan, with the development of the baby diapers industry in 2018, the market size may reach 150.313 billion yuan in 2020, and the market size is estimated to reach 165.821 billion yuan in 2023.
  2. Market growth rate. In 2018, the growth rate of China’s baby diaper industry was 13.95%, and the industry growth rate is expected to maintain a level of no less than 10% in the next few years. By 2023, the average annual growth rate of the baby diaper industry is expected to reach 12.35%.

Among them,much of the growth was driven by online sales. Jiayue is a leading  China baby diaper online sale manufacturer, and this trend of online diapper sale is worldwide.Our diapers have been recognized on a large scale both domestically and overseas, if you want to order cheap high quality diapers from China, we are your first choice.

Baby diaper industrys development trend

  1. Upgrading and diversified development of product structure. Today’s market is increasingly diverse, and consumers attach particular importance to product diversification to meet the needs of different customers. At present, many baby diaper manufacturers not only focus on product quality research and development, but also continue to invest in research and development expenses, and strive to develop new products in the market to improve their competitiveness. Therefore, the development of baby diapers will become more diversified in the future.
  2. Substantial improvement in scientific and technological level. Today’s baby diapers not only maintain excellent air permeability, water resistance, deodorization and antibacterial properties, but also have zonal coagulation technology, and many models have the function of personal devices. In terms of materials, companies continue to invest in research and development to introduce thinner and more comfortable products to help babies comfortably through each diaper period. With the development of technology, more technology products will enter the baby diaper industry, thus bringing more benefits to consumers.
  3. Brand value increases significantly and consumer loyalty is enhanced. The four major brand-name baby diaper manufacturers are competing to launch more new products, constantly improving their brand value, and their appearance, comfort, and performance are becoming more and more excellent. In 2023, the brand value of baby diapers is rising, and it will also improve consumer loyalty, and the brand competitiveness of baby diapers will be more developed.Fujian Jiayue Sanitary Products Co.,Ltd have followed this trendand built our own brandYibero, and strive to make it one of the China best baby diaper brand supplier.

Market segmentation of diapers based on baby gender

The baby distinguish between male and female diapers is generally started when the size is oversized, and basically all brands of newborn diapers are shared by men and women, and do not distinguish between boys and girls.

The most basic difference between boys and girls’ diapers is the difference between the thickness before and after, generally boys pee in front, and all boys’ special diapers are more absorbent in front. For girls, because girls pee in the middle or so, China best diapers for baby girl will not be particularly thick in front, but the basic water absorption is equal before and after.

In addition, China best diapers for baby girl differ in pattern from baby nappies for boys.