baby pull-up diapers from jiayue

Oct 20, 2023 | News

Yibero, the proprietary brand from Jiayue, has successfully expanded overseas. Having received positive feedback for our adult diapers, our baby pull-up diapers have now caught the attention of customers, resulting in substantial orders. We are currently in the midst of large-scale production and fulfilling these orders. Over the past six months, there has been a notable resurgence in the diaper market, and we are now entering the peak season.                                                                                                                                                               

Jiayue’s Yibero baby diapers come in both waist-tape style and all-in-one pants style, with the latter commonly known as pull-ups. Next, let’s delve into the details of Yibero’s pull-ups and diapers.


Yibero diapers feature a simple leaf pattern as decoration on the surface, striking a balance between simplicity and avoiding monotony. The waist section is equipped with hooks and Velcro, allowing for repeated fastening compared to diapers with PP fasteners. This design is favored by the new generation of parents, and provides a softer and more comfortable fit for infants. The inner surface offers customizable options such as embossed dots, patterns, perforations, etc., tailored to meet specific customer preferences. For the absorbent layer, we utilize Japanese brands such as San-DIA and Sumitomo, to ensure high absorption while maintaining prolonged dryness for over 12 hours without rewetting. Dryness is a crucial factor in preventing diaper rash, a significant concern among today’s consumers.


In 2021, the online scale of the infant and child diaper market reached RMB 25.71 billion. Among them, pull-ups experienced the most rapid growth, with a year-on-year increase of 309.2%, resulting in online sales of RMB 6.25 billion. In terms of market share, within various segmented categories, pull-ups held a market share of 27.6% in 2022, ranking second. Among the popular pull-ups on the market, there are three-piece styles and two-piece integrated styles. Yibero, similarly, has designed two styles for customers to choose from.

The three-piece pull-ups were an early choice for many manufacturers. During the period from 2016 to 2019, there was a rapid development phase for three-piece pull-ups. The structure of the three-piece product (as shown on the left side of the above figure) consists of three parts: one is the absorbent core (internal) resembling the structure of a diaper, and the other two parts are the front and rear non-woven fabric waistbands.

The two-piece pull-ups (as shown on the right side of the above figure) refer to a waistband that is integral and closely connected to the core, resembling briefs. It provides a good hip-wrap effect, enhanced comfort, and prevents side and rear leakage. After 2019, especially towards the end of 2021, there was a rapid replacement of the three-piece style, particularly evident in China. Currently, the majority of pull-ups in China are two-piece, while the three-piece style still dominates in foreign markets due to a significant price difference. After many years of development, the mid-to-high-end pull-ups in China mostly adopt the two-piece structure. It can be anticipated that the two-piece structure will become the inevitable trend for mid-to-high-end pull-ups in the future.

Yibero’s two-piece pull-ups have been further upgraded with the introduction of a bubble waistband. The main difference between the bubble waistband and the regular waistband lies in the material and performance. The bubble waistband is primarily composed of non-woven fabric, to provide a more comfortable fit around the baby’s waist. Additionally, it enhances the aesthetics of the diaper. This innovation gained rapid popularity in 2022 and has already become quite widespread in China.

The composition of the inner, surface, and absorption layers can still be customized according to customer requirements. Typically, mid-to-high-end products feature a surface layer made of hot air non-woven fabric and an absorption layer sourced from Japan with imported SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer).

Finally, turning to the outer packaging, our newly launched product packaging adopts a combination of blue and pink hues. It features a matte European-style bag with dual handles, embodying a sense of simplicity and innovation characteristic of high-end products. This design also aligns with the aesthetic preferences of the new generation while catering to the color preferences of both baby boys and baby girls.

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