Brand should not equal high price: Chinese diaper brand is good and cheap

Nov 13, 2023 | News

If you still think that the market for adult nappies is small and that only patients with incontinence and the elderly need them, you are sorely mistaken.Have you ever encountered such a problem when traveling: you are driving on a mountain road, or other winding roads, and suddenly there is a serious traffic jam. Not only can you not go forward, you can’t go back, you don’t even know what’s going on in front of you, let alone when you’ll be able to resume traffic. This is when you need to pee, when you can’t get out of the car and can’t find the toilet. Or, have you ever been in a meeting or event that lasted several hours, you couldn’t leave the venue at will, there was no proper bathroom nearby, and you just had to bear it until the event was over.

Do you think this embarrassment is insoluble? China cheap adult nappies manufacturers can help.As you know, both of these situations happen all the time in China, so demand drives creation, and Fujian Jiayue sanitary product ltd. produces adult nappies not only with patients in mind, but also with daily needs in mind.

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What are the prices of adult nappies where you live?

In recent years, the price of sanitary products has risen, whether it is sanitary napkins, nappies or toilet paper, wet wipes, the price is getting higher and higher. As someone in the industry, I am very responsible to say that sanitary products should never be sold at that price.

Take adult nappies for example, the raw materials are non-woven fabrics, absorbent resins, fluffiness, hot melt adhesives, etc. These materials need to meet health standards and quality requirements, but this will not cost a lot.The non-woven fabric, hot melt adhesive and absorbent resin are superimposed in accordance with a certain proportion, and then the absorption core can be formed by hot pressing at high temperature. Finally, the non-woven fabric and the soft fluff paste are superimposed together in a certain proportion, and are processed by hot pressing to form the surface layer and the outer layer.

So Jiayue’s China cheap adult nappies can totally cater to all kind of needs and guarantee quality and safety.Jiayue ,China’s adult nappies factory can produce high quality nappies,and offer buyers a reasonable price,so you don’t need to hesitate on the price.

Our certificated brand of nappies

Fujian Jiayue sanitary product ltd is not a fake and shoddy product factory, we have a registered trademark brand Yibero, the reason for our low price is that we integrate industry and trade, and did not choose expensive promotion methods. We firmly believe that sanitary products should be used simply for their intended purpose and should not be given additional value.

Jiayue ltd is one of the best baby diaper brand supplier from China.We choose high-quality materials, strict production, and strive to avoid any link of omission, only in this way can we do so now, win the praise of users at home and abroad.

Benefits of Yibero adult nappies

Adult nappies are purchased to provide comfortable, reliable care and protection while ensuring the dignity and confidence of the user. The points that need to pay attention to when purchasing adult nappies are also the points that Yibero can guarantee you:

  1. Absorptive capacity: The absorptive capacity of adult nappiesis one of the most important factors to consider. We can totally guarantee that.
  2. Size and moderation: The fit of adult nappiesis very important, they should fit comfortably and provide adequate protection. Our admitted diaper sizes are complete.
  3. Air permeability and comfort: Air permeability is another important factor to ensure that adult nappiesremain dry and comfortable during use. Quality adult nappiesusually have breathable materials and designs that help prevent moisture and skin problems from occurring. Choosing our nappies will reduce discomfort and skin irritation.
  4. Leak-proof performance: Our adult nappieshave good leak-proof performance to prevent urine leakage.
  5. Taste control: Our adult nappiesusually come with a taste control feature to reduce odor. Some products use special technology to control and absorb odors, ensuring that the user remains fresh and confident.
  6. Convenience of use: Our products have easy-to-tear sides for easy replacement and handling.