Cheap Chinese Nappies Are Shaking Up The Market Of High-priced Baby Products

Nov 8, 2023 | News

The price of baby products such as milk powder, diapers and diaper pants has been a high social discussion in recent years. With the development of social economy and the impact of inflation, prices have soared in all aspects, and baby products have become the hardest hit area of price increases. In recent years, the decrease of fertility intention is a common phenomenon in the world. Affected by the price of baby products, the fertility rate has further decreased. The excessively low fertility rate has caused social problems in many countries.

In fact, in the big industry of baby products, the cost of baby diapers and baby diaper pants is definitely not as high as many people think, so the price of baby diapers and baby diapers should not be as high as it is now.

Baby diaper pants are mainly made of non-woven fabrics, paper, cotton and other materials, which are not high in cost. Even with the best raw materials and the most advanced technology, it doesn’t cost that much money.

Fujian Jiayue Sanitary Products Co.,Ltd believes that the high price of baby products needs to change, and we want to lead the way in China.

The production process of baby diaper pants

  • Material preparation: First of all, we need to prepare a variety of raw materials, including non-woven fabrics, absorbent resins, fluff pulp, hot melt adhesive, etc. These materials are subject to hygienic standards and quality requirements.
  • Making absorption core: the non-woven fabric, hot melt adhesive and absorbent resin are superimposed together in a certain proportion, and then the absorption core is formed by hot pressing at high temperature.
  • Processing surface and outer layer: the non-woven fabric and soft fluff paste are superimposed together in a certain proportion, and are processed by hot pressing to form the surface and outer layer.
  • Assembly: The absorption core, the surface layer and the outer layer are superimposed together in a certain order, and then processed through a large production line for cutting, sealing, drilling, etc., to form a complete diaper.
  • Packaging: Finally, the production of good diapers for packaging, in order to facilitate consumer purchase and use.

All in all, this is not a complicated process, and there is no very expensive manufacturing process.

Global baby diaper pants sales channels

As with most products, the distribution of diapers is mainly divided into online and offline channels, and the seller and the manufacturer are often separate. This is the reason for the increase in the cost of selling baby diapers.

Fujian Jiayue Sanitary Products Co.,Ltd’s baby diaper pants take the model of self-production and self-marketing, we are our own factory, and directly sell our own baby diapers online, which also enables us to provide cheap diapers online.

Fujian Jiayue Sanitary Products Co.,Ltd believe that the most important factor for baby diapers is to ensure quality and safety, rather than spending huge costs on marketing and promotion. In this era of advertising, Jiayue hope that the market for baby diapers will return to simplicity.

We provide cheap diapers online not because of lower quality,but because lower extra cost.

Jiayues own baby diaper brand

In order to better protect the legal rights and interests of the diapers we produce, and to make consumers more familiar with us, we have applied for our own baby diaper brands.Jiayue’s own brand for baby diapers is Yibero.

Jiayue,China is devoted to make Yibero a brand of quality,safety,and reliability.We have a strict production process and check process,and we guarantee very single piece of Yibero is made of responsibility and patience.We dare say,you won’t be disappointed to our baby diapers,as long as you trust us and send us an order.