Chinese Manufacturers In The Constantly Segmented Wet Wipes Market

Nov 7, 2023 | News

Whenever you walk into a supermarket, whether it is a large supermarket or a small supermarket, there is a special section for cleaning paper products, where you put toilet paper, napkins, wet wipes, kitchen paper and many other paper products.

Now, the market for paper products is being segmented, including wet wipes, which are now a mature and complete, hierarchical category.The basic trend of the segmentation of the wet wipes market is to differentiate into ordinary wet wipes and baby wet wipes.

As a cleaning product, wet wipes themselves have extremely strict safety standards, why would they distinguish between wet wipes baby and ordinary wet wipes?What are the differences between ordinary wet wipes and baby wet wipes in production? Market segmentation leads to an increase in production lines, and how do China’s wet wipe manufacturers cope with the extra costs?What kind of production direction will Chinese manufacturers adopt in the manufacturers of ordinary wet wipes and baby wet wipes?

If you are interested in today’s Chinese wet wipes manufacturers, please listen to Jiayue,China’s introduction.

China Wet wipes for baby supplier

Production standard for China wet wipes

GB/T 30932-2019 is the national standard for sanitary tissues in China and was officially implemented on July 1, 2020. The standard specifies the raw material requirements, production process, quality testing methods and other contents of sanitary tissue, aimed at ensuring the quality and safety of sanitary tissue.Jiayue,China’s wet pipes strictly comply with this standard, whether they are baby wipes or regular wipes.

Hygienic standard for China wet wipes:

  1. Aseptic requirements: wipes manufacturers need to implement aseptic treatment of products to ensure product safety and health.
  2. Product identification: The wipes packaging should be marked with the name of the manufacturer, production date, shelf life and other information, convenient for consumers to query, to ensure product safety.
  3. Product storage: Wet wipes in the production, storage and sales process need to follow a certain temperature, humidity and other requirements to ensure product quality.

Wet wipes that meet these requirements are only qualified wet wipes, but Jiayue’s goal is to produce the best wet wipes in China.

Promises of Jiayues best baby wet wipes

Fujian Jiayue Sanitary Products Co.,Ltd know that babies’ skin is more delicate and sensitive, and they often lick their own skin, so you can’t pay too much attention to baby wet wipes.

Jiayue’s best baby wet wipes have the following features:

  1. Gentleness:

Jiayue,China’s baby wipes are formulated with a gentle formula that does not contain harmful chemicals, making them suitable for baby’s delicate skin and less likely to cause irritation or irritation.

  1. 2.Humidity:

The humidity of the wipes is suitable, it is not too wet or too dry, and it can clean the baby’s skin well, and there is relatively little water drop residue during the wiping process.


The technology of Jiayue’s baby wipes is relatively fine, the wipes are not easy to tear after opening, and there is no residue, which is relatively convenient to use.

  1. Security:

The wipes have passed the strict safety test, without adding harmful substances, and will not cause harm to the baby’s body when used, and can be used with confidence.

  1. More childlike packaging

We produce baby wipes whose packaging distinguishes from other wet wipes, through the packaging we emphasis on baby availability.

Jiayues dream of becoming a leading manufacturer

Fujian Jiayue Sanitary Products Co.,Ltd has always been dreamed of becoming a leading wet wipes manufacturer in China,and even on the whole world.In Jiayue,China’s years of operation, we have never been stingy with the cost of production and testing, our pursuit of producing wet wipes that are recognized by the industry and trusted by customers is constant.Every inquiry will get Jiayue’s high importance and gratitude.