Core design and consumer demand

Sep 8, 2023 | News

For diapers and sanitary napkins, the absorbent core is the most important component and a decisive factor in determining product quality.

  1. Analysis of core structure

Fluff pulp core

Fluff pulp + SAP; single-layer structure, basic absorption demand, most of the selling points are absorption-based products positioned at the low end, and the experience is deviated.

Composite core (after solving the basic absorption needs, the experience is improved; the selling point is merged with absorption and softness, breathable and other experience products are positioned as high-end products, the comprehensive performance and experience are better, and consumers can solve some pain points and itches. There are certain memory points.)

  1. Five-layer or seven-layer composite structure;

  1. Sandwich structure or similar sandwich structure (SAP, fluffpulp wrapped in dust-free paper);

  2. Half-core structure (composite core + fluff pulp)

  1. Other cores (satisfy the basic absorption needs, have the impact of qualitative changes in the experience, and have blind spots in knowledge points; at the same time, the visualization effect is obvious, and the selling point is mainly to solve practical problems with a sense of technology; the product is positioned at a high end, and the sense of experience is obviously different from the previous ones. The core of the two; solve the pain points at the same time, bring refreshment, and satisfy the itching point; have strong memory points and brand relevance (brand story points))

  2. 3D cores – such as square sandwiches; strip sandwiches;

  3. Special material core – such as liquid sanitary napkins;

  1. Knitted cores – woven fabrics, spaced knitted fabrics, etc.

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