Do babies need to wear diapers while swimming?

Aug 21, 2023 | News

Public swimming facilities require infants and children to use swim diapers for the following reasons: to prevent defecation in the water, to minimize the spread of fecal bacteria contamination, and to thwart the transmission of waste bacteria like E. coli. Additionally, swim diapers are designed to remain sleek and dry. Regular diapers are not suitable for wearing during swimming—they are designed to absorb liquids, so regular diapers quickly become waterlogged when immersed in water. The added weight might result in their dislodgment from the baby’s body! However, it’s crucial to note that infant swim diapers are solely intended to contain solid waste such as feces. They lack water-absorbing capability, thereby allowing the passage of urine. As swim diapers are purposefully constructed to limit liquid absorption, enabling liquids to permeate while retaining solids. Therefore, once the baby exits the pool or water, you must switch to using regular diapers.

Recently, Jiayue has introduced two styles of baby swim pants, both featuring marine animals as their main theme in terms of appearance. These designs are cartoonishly charming and undoubtedly appealing to babies. It’s not an exaggeration to say that donning these swim pants could spark a newfound love for swimming in babies. Moreover, the ultra-thin design ensures that babies can engage in swimming without any burden, allowing them to relish the joy of swimming with ease. Despite their slimness, these swim pants are still effective in containing solid waste, such as feces, and are designed to minimize the risk of leakage.

Both of these baby swim pants feature a spunbond non-woven fabric on the inner surface, with a perforated design to ensure breathability and prevent discomfort. The waistbands of both designs are made with elastic materials to provide a better fit for the baby’s physique. The difference lies in their styles: the green version is an all-in-one pull-up pant with a pull-tab elastic, while the blue version is a regular pull-up pant. Generally speaking, the all-in-one pull-up style tends to offer greater comfort and is in line with current trends, although it may come with higher production costs.

In recent years, the global market for baby swim diaper pants has witnessed a remarkable growth surge. As more parents recognize the importance of introducing their infants to water and swimming at an early stage, the demand for baby swim diaper pants has surged. These specially designed diapers offer infants comfortable, convenient, and reliable protection during water-based activities. The global market for baby swim diaper pants is expected to experience significant growth during the forecast period from 2023 to 2030. The increasing emphasis on water safety and early infant swimming programs serves as a key driver for market expansion. The rising disposable income and lifestyle changes, particularly in emerging economies, are propelling the demand for baby swim diaper pants.

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