Enabling Comfort and Mobility through Absorbent Underwear

Dec 4, 2023 | News

As aging populations worldwide grow rapidly, ensuring dignified care presents ongoing challenges. Leading China adult diaper pants factory YIBERO develops absorbent apparel supporting in YIBERO living.

High Absorbent Adult Diaper Pants

YIBERO’s signature pants pair absorbent cores with breathable fabric panels and a snug waist/leg fit. Sensitive wetness indicators preserve peace of mind. Discreet fabrics resemble regular underwear.

Extra-Large Sizes

Extended sizing through 5XL accommodate a wide range of body shapes and mobility needs. Stretchy panels flex comfortably with all movements while preventing leaks.

Overnight Protection

Extended protection models utilize thick gel-infused cores retaining over 1 liter overnight. Gentle leakage barriers and antimicrobial linings prevent rashes.

Discreet Disposal

Subtle disposal tabs tuck away bulky wings, maintaining discretion. Biodegradable natural materials decompose safely without toxins.

Comfort and Fit Innovations

Breathable fabrics regulate temperature. Ergonomic leg cut-outs eliminate chafing. Secure waistbands uphold dignity during active days.

Custom Options

YIBEROs works directly with care facilities to develop made-to-order solutions such as garments tailored for wheelchair use or medical conditions.

Quality Assurance

State-of-the-art labs simulate real-world usage to ensure products comfortably contain accidents. YIBERO leads production innovation through materials research and absorbency testing.

As populations age, YIBERO empowers dignity through absorbent underwear maintaining comfort and inYIBEROence. Innovation drives progress through solutions enabling quality of life.

As leading diaper pants factory in China, YIBERO supplies cheap adult nappies as quality and factory price.