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Nov 6, 2023 | News

Urinary incontinence is a lot of neurological diseases or other related diseases of patients, urinary incontinence seriously affect daily life, if the long-term incontinence is likely to further cause psychological problems.

Depending on the type of incontinence, its causes are different, as follows:

True urinary incontinence: mainly external sphincter dysplasia, injury or innervation of external sphincter nerve abnormalities, resulting in poor sphincter closure, continuous urine outflow, bladder in an empty state, commonly seen in neurogenic bladder. In addition, postoperative external sphincter injury was also observed.

Filling urinary incontinence: The following urinary tract obstruction is more common, and can also be seen in neurogenic bladder. When the urine has a large amount of residual urine, and then increase the urine, there will be involuntary urine discharge;

Stress urinary incontinence: in women, especially many women, when laughing, coughing, exercise, urine will flow involuntarily. Commonly seen in the pelvic floor muscle real function decline, or estrogen decline and other factors

Urge incontinence: exercise urge incontinence is often seen in neurogenic bladder caused by detrusor muscle instability, and sensory urge incontinence is often seen in inflammatory stimulation, after inflammation control, symptoms will improve.

If there is a problem of incontinence, on the one hand, patients must go to a professional institution for treatment, on the other hand, they can buy some good quality diapers from a reliable adult incontinence supplier to solve life problems.

Market analysis of adult diapers

Urinary incontinence has become one of the top five diseases in the world from the mid-1990s, and more and more countries have paid attention to it. The incidence of adult incontinence is not low in developed countries, such as 39% in the United States and 27% in Germany, and presumably even higher in developing countries in Asia.

Approximately 200 million people worldwide, both in developed and developing countries, suffer from some degree of urinary incontinence, with the incidence of urinary incontinence among adult women ranging from 25-45%. A multi-regional survey shows that the incidence of urinary incontinence in Chinese women is 30.9%. A study in Beijing showed that the incidence of urinary incontinence was 12.1% in men and 46.5% in women. The incidence of male incontinence is basically urgent incontinence, and the incidence of patients under 50 years old is 9.8%. The incidence of female incontinence also increases with age, and the most common incontinence is stress incontinence, mixed incontinence and urgent incontinence.

It is obvious that,there is a large global market for adult nappies,and Fujian Jiayue Sanitary Products Co.,Ltd is a reliable adult incontinence supplies.

Requirements for adult diapers of incontinence patients

  • First of all, adult diapers need to be more absorbent than baby diapers, because the amount of urine of adults is much larger than that of infants, so the water absorption requirements of diapers are higher.
  • Secondly, because patients need to wear adult diapers for a long time, the material of diapers must be safe and soft to ensure comfort.
  • Finally, prolonged heat can lead to skin problems, which can only be solved by enhancing the breathability of diapers.

Whether we, Fujian Jiayue Sanitary Products Co.,Ltd from China or other adult diaper suppliers in the world, should personally consider patients, research and solve problems in many aspects, and try to reduce some pain for patients who are plagued by incontinence.

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