Jiayue Russia Exhibition

Oct 6, 2023 | News

At the end of September, Jiayue participated in an international exhibition in Russia. Jiayue’s original intention was to let more  Russia customers to get in touch  with Jiayue good quality diapers and  know more about Jiayue  In this exhibition, there was an endless stream of customers. The lady at the booth next to her joked that Jiayue is the most popular booth in the sanitary products industry. Because Jiayue has always treated people with sincerity, customers will also respond with sincerity. There is a popular saying in Chinese Internet slang: “Sincerity is a must-kill skill.”

Whether buying or selling, the key is the product. Among many sanitary product suppliers, the main reason why Jiayue is more competitive and outstanding is that Jiayue’s products are more outstanding in innovative design, quality and price. Generally speaking, Russian customers are quite satisfied with our products, both in terms of packaging design and quality. Among them, a Russian corporate customer who has been established for more than a century has a very good impression of Jiayue and praises our products as very good and attractive. And there were two or three customers who came to the booth and asked us to come back for testing with their own samples, hoping to make products with the same configuration.

Coincidentally, the end of September this year coincides with the traditional Chinese festival – the Mid-Autumn Festival, which symbolizes reunion. This time, the person in charge of Jiayue and our sales lady spent the Mid-Autumn Festival with customers in Russia, allowing customers to experience the traditional Chinese festival together.

Jiayue’s Russian exhibition ended successfully with the end of the holiday. People here are very friendly and kind, and the exhibition is going very smoothly. Look forward to seeing Jiayue’s products in more places. With this experience, Jiayue are more familiar with the Russian market. Canton Fair is about to start, and everyone is welcome to China and Jiayue. Guangzhou is only an hour’s flight from Quanzhou.We supply the baby diapers, adult diapers, wet wipes, dry wipes, sanitary napkins, underpad, pet diapers, and related raw materials, as well as OEM and ODM customization services.More details pls contact us~Whatsapp/Tel/Wechat: 0086 15980308853