Latest! From 1 March, direct flights to China from Thailand, Russia, Malaysia and many other countries will no longer check for nucleic acid!

Mar 3, 2023 | News

After China notified that outbound group tours would be allowed on February 6, inbound and outbound tourism became a new hotspot. Nevertheless, the nucleic acid testing required for the returning tourists as well as for the entry of foreign tourists has been somewhat of an obstacle. Because there are fewer nucleic acid testing sites outside of China, the cost of nucleic acid testing is high. It is understood that the minimum price for self-pay nucleic acid in Thailand during the Spring Festival is about RMB 100 and that in New Zealand is about RMB 730.

This issue has now been tentatively resolved. Recently, the Chinese embassies in Russia, New Zealand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, South Africa, Hungary and Thailand have issued a notice stating that from March 1 local time, antigen testing will be allowed in lieu of nucleic acid testing for personnel on direct flights to China from the above countries, while the major airlines will no longer check pre-boarding nucleic acid certificates and antigen results. The same announcement was also made by the embassies of Singapore, the Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, South Africa and Switzerland.

In the meantime, Japan and South Korea have also relaxed their anti-epidemic measures for arrivals from China. From March 1, Chinese visitors entering Japan will be tested on a random sample of passengers instead of requiring a full landing inspection; South Korea has lifted the COVID-19 landing inspection for arrivals from China and the restrictions on unified landing of flights from China at Incheon International Airport from March 1, but the obligation to conduct pre-flight testing and fill in the quarantine information entry system (Q-CODE) for arrivals from China will be extended until March 10.
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