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Products baby diaper
Weight 85g – 100g
Anti-Leak 3D Leak Prevention Channel
MOQ 30000 Pcs

Product Description

Delivering optimum care for our kids is an essential mission we carry out as parents. YIBERO, a leading baby diaper online sale, reveals a vast selection of premium diaper products, keenly organized and developed with comfort, security, and performance in mind. Connect with YIBERO today to discuss your bulk baby diaper needs and recognize the benefits of partnering with a dependable manufacturer from China.  

Product Perspective

baby diaper online sale are garments of necessity – disposable or reusable, tailor-made to encapsulate and manage an infant’s bodily waste. These contribute significantly to the upkeep of the infant’s cleanliness and promoting excellent skin health throughout the period of diapering.

Product Categorization

Infant Diapers: Predominantly used, these are apt for infants and toddlers of diverse sizes. They are engineered with soft, airy materials and boast of high absorbency – ensuring the comfort and dryness of the little ones.
Elderly Diapers: These diapers primarily cater to the elder, physically impaired, or those suffering from incontinence – assuring them inconspicuous and comfortable protection. They come in designs specific to both genders.
Specialty Diapers: Certain diapers cater to specific needs – like swim diapers for aquatic engagements, training pants assisting with toilet training, or high-absorbency overnight diapers.

Product Perks

Fit & Comfort: baby diaper online sale made from soft, breathable materials with adjustable fastenings ensures a personalized, abrasion-free fit.
Absorbency & Dryness: baby diaper online sale with a highly absorbent core capture moisture, maintaining the baby’s skin health and dryness.
Leak Prevention: The secure contoured designs of baby diaper online sale help ward off leaks.
Skin Health: The modern topsheets in baby diaper online sale efficiently manage moisture, prevent irritants causing rashes.

Product Packaging


Q1.What is your MOQ?
For baby diapers, it’s 140’HQ container with 4 mixed sizes or 120FT container with 2 mixed sizes. For adult diapers, it’s 140’HQ container with 2 mixed sizes or 120FT container with 1 size. For sanitary napkins, it’s 140HQ with 2 mixed sizes or 120FT container with one mixed size.
Q2.Can you send a free sample?
Yes, we can provide a free sample. You only need to pay for the postage.
Q3.What is the delivery date?
The delivery date is approximately 10-20 days after receipt of your deposit.
Q4.What are the payment terms?
The payment terms are a 30% deposit by T/T, with the balance due against the copy of the BL.

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