Baby Diaper Pants Manufacturer

As a leading baby diaper pants manufacturer in China, YIBERO focuses on comfort and breathability. Made from premium cotton and non-woven fabrics, YIBERO pants safeguard baby’s skin from rashes.

The outer fabric utilizes water-resistant, cotton-lined materials to feel soft against sensitive skin. An interior 3D leak guard employs ultra-absorbent gels to lock away wetness far from baby’s body.

By choosing YIBERO as your trusted partner for baby diaper pants, you can be confident in receiving high-quality products and exceptional service. With our baby diaper pants, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your baby is comfortable, protected, and happy.


Product Description

Baby Diaper Pants Manufacturer

YIBERO Baby diaper pants materials:

As a reputed baby diaper pants manufacturer in China, YIBERO designs breathable and leak-proof pants for infant care. Made from natural-based materials, YIBERO diaper pants protect baby’s delicate skin from rashes.

The outer shell utilizes soft cotton or non-woven fabrics that feel gentle against skin. A stretchable waistband adjusts easily for different hip sizes as baby grows.

Benefits of baby diaper pants by YIBERO:

YIBERO’s signature absorbent core incorporates a 3D anti-leak layer to prevent moisture from reaching the outside fabric. The inner absorbent sheets are non-woven for optimum liquid handling without clutter.

Tips to use baby diaper pants:

Some tips for usage include cleaning the area before and after changes to keep it dry. Check the pant’s absorption capacity throughout use and replace with a fresh pair once capacity is exceeded. Store spare pants in a dry, ventilated place.


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