China Adult Diaper Pants

As a leading China manufacturer of adult incontinence supplies, YIBERO designs absorptive yet discreet solutions to maintain dignity.

Their top-selling pull-on Adult Diaper Panties provide snug, comfortable protection against accidents. With fabric-like outer layers and ultra-absorbent inner gels or papers, the underwear-style diapers feel like regular clothes.

Key applications adopting YIBERO’s quality Adult Diaper Panties include assisted living facilities, nursing homes and patients with light to moderate incontinence issues.

The form-fitting diaper pants are also suitable for travel, work or daily tasks. Front and back panels, as well as elasticated waist and leg openings, ensure freedom of movement without leaks or smells.

YIBERO prioritizes breathability,skin-friendliness and discretion. Their leak-proof panties uphold independence for those requiring 24/7 protection discreetly.


Product Description

China Adult Diaper Pants

Qualty adult diaper pants materials:

At the heart of YIBERO’s adult diaper pants are the carefully selected materials used in their construction. Soft, breathable fabrics form the outer layer, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable feel against the skin. The inner lining is made from highly absorbent materials that quickly lock in moisture, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable for extended periods.

Features of adult diaper pants:

The versatility of YIBERO’s adult diaper pants is evident in their wide range of applications. They are widely used in the care of elderly patients, providing a reliable solution for managing age-related incontinence. New mothers also benefit from the comfort and protection offered by YIBERO’s adult diaper pants during the postpartum recovery period.

Furthermore, YIBERO’s adult diaper pants are essential for individuals dealing with medical conditions that affect bladder or bowel control, such as spinal cord injuries, neurological disorders, or diabetes. These specialized incontinence supplies empower users to maintain an active and independent lifestyle without the constant worry of leaks or accidents.

Product Size:

L*W (mm) 760*590 800*710 880*850 960*850
Absorption (ml) 700 800 900 1000
Weight (g) 56 62 72 84
PCS*Bag*Package 10*10 10*10 10*10 10*10


Adult diaper pants  wide range of applications::

One of the key features of YIBERO’s adult diaper pants is their advanced leak protection system. Strategically placed leak guards and leg cuffs create a secure barrier, preventing unwanted spills and providing peace of mind during daily activities. This comprehensive leak protection is particularly crucial for patients and individuals dealing with more severe incontinence issues.

In addition to their exceptional absorbency and leakage prevention, YIBERO’s adult diaper pants are designed with odor control technology. This innovative feature helps to neutralize unpleasant odors, maintaining a fresh and discreet appearance throughout wear. This is especially important for maintaining the user’s self-confidence and dignity in social situations.

Product Specifications:

Service OEM&ODM Adult Diapers
Place Fujian, China
Material Non Woven Fabric
Weight 85g – 100g
Type Disposable
Absorption Soft Breathable
Anti-Leak 3D Leak Prevention Channel
Size M – XL
Top sheet Soft Non-woven
Application Incontinence People Care
Samples Freely Offered
MOQ 30000 Pcs
Payment T/T


YIBERO is your trusted source for manufacturing top-quality diaper pants. With our professional market support, stable high-quality products, efficient services, and competitive prices, we are committed to helping you succeed in the diaper industry. Whether you’re targeting Europe, the United States, South Asia, or other regions, our extensive export network ensures that your products reach their intended destinations. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and begin a successful partnership with YIBERO.

With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer both OEM and ODM services to meet your unique requirements. Our export reach extends to various regions and countries, including Europe, the United States, South Asia, India, South Korea, Tanzania, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Chile, and more.

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