Pull-ups Market Trend: Dual Hot-Air Material Prevails in the High-End Segment

Nov 9, 2023 | News

The pull-ups market is experiencing rapid growth, with its overall sales now outpacing those of traditional diapers, transforming it into a veritable red ocean category. A few years back, the mere availability of pull-ups could easily draw in customers, whether it was the low-end three-piece style or the mid-to-high-end two-piece design, both enjoyed strong sales figures. Today, however, the market has plunged into severe homogenization and price competition.

How can brands then break through this red ocean? There are two strategies: first, compete on price and cost-effectiveness; second, elevate product quality, innovate, and create new selling points that add greater value to the product. However, in comparison to engaging in a price war, enhancing product quality is the sustainable path for brand development. Relying on continuous product upgrades and progress, and staying ahead of market trends, is the key to a brand’s success.

The first wave of technological dividends for pull-ups came with the shift from imported to domestically produced goods. After 2011, the previously import-dominated pull-ups market saw a significant change when two domestic companies introduced the equipment for manufacturing three-piece pull-ups. This led to a rapid fall in product prices and a substantial increase in cost-effectiveness, playing an extremely positive and significant role in expanding the pull-ups market.

The second technological upgrade for pull-ups was the rise of the two-piece style, which offered a better fit compared to the initial three-piece models. This new design was quickly accepted and recognized by consumers in the mid-to-high-end market. From 2016 to 2019, the two-piece pull-ups experienced a period of rapid development.

Globally, the trend in hygiene and development is moving towards products that are thinner and softer. Currently, in the Chinese market, dual hot-air diapers (where both the top sheet and the back sheet nonwovens are made of hot-air material) have become the standard. The softer material and better touch are favored by consumers. Similarly, the next step for pull-up pants is an inevitable move towards hot air upgrades; use of soft hot air materials for the outer waistband instead of traditional spunbond materials is a major trend, naturally aligning with the consumer pursuit for increased softness.

Yibero pull-ups utilize dual hot-air materials and have upgraded to a bubble waistband, which greatly enhances comfort. They also feature superabsorbent polymers (SAP) from Japanese brands like San-DIA and Sumitomo, which maintain over 12 hours of dryness without rewetting—a crucial factor in preventing diaper rash. A good absorption layer provides consumers with a positive experience in terms of both purchase and use. Yibero has already been exported to regions like Russia, Southeast Asia, and Africa, where it is in high demand.

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