Why have Japanese diapers fallen out of favor in China?

Sep 2, 2023 | News

In the past, Japanese diaper brands have consistently been the preferred choice among Chinese mothers. However, as Chinese consumer habits have evolved and a greater emphasis has been placed on cost-effectiveness, attention has gradually shifted towards domestic brands. Chinese diaper brands have gained significant prominence, with many even venturing into international markets. Locations like Quanzhou in Fujian, where Jiayue is situated, have become hubs for Chinese sanitary product suppliers.

With the growing confidence of Chinese consumers in domestic brands, an increasing number of parents are opting for local diaper brands. These brands, leveraging their high-quality products and positive reputation, have gradually gained market share, and become the preferred choice for a growing number of households. Domestic diaper suppliers have closely aligned their market research and product development with the needs of Chinese consumers, and have upgraded their materials and machinery accordingly. They have introduced diaper models with varying specifications, materials, and functionalities, tailored to the different stages and requirements of Chinese babies. This approach better addresses the actual demands of the Chinese market.

Chinese diaper brands are thriving, not only gaining favor among domestic consumers but also attracting attention from consumers in numerous overseas regions. This trend underscores the increasing influence of China’s economy and manufacturing capabilities on the international stage. Chinese diapers are gradually asserting their presence in the global sanitary products market, with brands like Jiayue having customers spanning across more than seventy countries worldwide. Jiayue’s products, including their proprietary brand items, have successfully ventured into international markets.

Yibero is Jiayue’s proprietary brand, which encompasses baby/adult diapers, pull-up pants, and wet wipes. Yibero continuously absorbs design concepts from around the world, aiming to create perfect products for individuals of different age groups. It advocates a quality philosophy centered around comfort, breathability, high absorbency, and aesthetic appeal, earnestly conveying a concept of comfortable living to every user. Jiayue also tailors different solutions based on the practical circumstances of clients’ local markets. With an annual shipment volume exceeding 100 containers, Jiayue’s team undoubtedly possesses formidable capabilities. Contact us now to learn more!