With a declining birth rate, how will diaper brands develop?

Sep 28, 2023 | News

In an era of declining population growth, many people are filled with pessimism and apprehension about the diaper industry. Therefore, how to objectively and calmly assess the diaper market is one of the most important topics today.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the global economy, birth rates worldwide have started to decline. This phenomenon has occurred in many countries, and generally speaking, the more developed a country’s economy is, the lower its birth rate. Consequently, people’s attitudes towards childbirth are changing, and the cost of raising children is increasing. It is for these reasons that birth rates are decreasing in most countries around the world.

However, from another perspective, the diaper market still appears optimistic. When considering the consumer base, even though the number of newborns is decreasing, the growth rate and proportion of toddlers and older children continue to increase. In other words, despite the ongoing decline in birth rates, the toddler and older child demographic will be a new growth driver for the diaper industry. In the past couple of years, both in the overall baby diaper market and the pull-up diaper market, consumer demand for larger-sized diapers has been steadily increasing. According to Nielsen data as of June 2022, XXXL-sized pull-up diapers have seen a year-on-year growth rate of 90%, becoming a significant source of market growth. Additionally, many baby diaper brands have extended their product lines to include sizes like 3XL and 4XL, or have introduced diapers specifically designed for older children.

When looking at subcategories, the diapers, as a mainstream category, have also experienced a certain degree of decline, with a 7% year-on-year decrease. However, pull-up diapers/training pants/growth pants remain the second-largest category and continue to attract significant attention, holding a market share of 26.5%. It’s worth noting that businesses can still explore opportunities within more specialized segments, such as larger-sized pull-up diapers, targeting specific needs of different groups of older children like gender-specific care, toilet training, and swim-specific solutions, by providing innovative solutions.

Overall, the baby diaper market has experienced a contraction, but opportunities still exist within it. Jiayue suggests seeking new points of entry to stand out during the overall off-season. Jiayue has consistently provided diapers in special sizes and materials, aligning with the demands of different regional markets, which has allowed Jiayue to maintain stable shipments. Jiayue offers customized solutions for biodegradable diapers, larger-sized diapers, and pull-up diapers with added skincare ingredients like vitamins. We also provide samples and giveaways. Feel free to contact us for more information!Whatsapp/Tel/Wechat: 0086 15980308853