baby diaper pants manufacturer

The best baby diaper brand tells you whether this diaper will leak urine
Generally, there will be no leakage during correct use. If leakage occurs, the baby diaper pants manufacturer guesses that there are several reasons for the urine leakage of the diaper:
The size of the diaper is not suitable
The diapers are not worn properly
Prolonged use exceeds the allowable absorption range.
Repeated use will deform the diapers and affect the absorbency.
The baby diaper pants supplier recommends that you change your baby’s diapers frequently, don’t wait until the urine is full, because the absorption capacity of diapers is limited. In addition, after the baby drinks water (milk), the stomach is always swollen. The diapers that have been adjusted at this time may be slightly flatter after the baby urinates later, and the tightness of the diapers will change. Slightly looser, therefore, adjust the tightness of the diaper a little at this time, and the leakage of urine can also be avoided!

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