The main difference between best wet wipes for adults and wet wipes for babies is the ingredients. Wet wipes for adults generally contain more harsh and potentially irritating ingredients, such as alcohol, while wet wipes for babies are specifically designed to be gentle and nonirritating. Wet wipes for babies also contain ingredients that are designed to be hypoallergenic, as well as moisturizers and scentfree to help protect a babys delicate skin. Additionally, wet wipes for babies will typically be much thicker than adult wipes, to provide an extra layer of protection.

90% of wet wipes on the market are made of non-woven fabrics made of polyester or polypropylene. JIAYUE, as professional and trusted wet wipes and baby nappies manufacturer in China, always provides and supplies quality wet wipes for adult to oversea market. No matter self-brand Yibero or OEM/ODM, we ensure satisfied service for you.

Why adults use wet wipes

Depending on the application, wet the material with water or other liquids such as isopropyl alcohol. The material of wet wipes for adult can be treated with softener, lotion or perfume to adjust the tactile and olfactory properties. Especially, preservatives such as methyl isothiazolinone are used to prevent the growth of bacteria or fungi in packaging.

1. Finally, they are designed to gently remove dirt. One of the most common uses is for quick hand cleaning. Wet wipes can not only remove dirt and dirt, but also disinfect.
2. Use wet wipes for basic skin care. They are as good as special facial wipes, but at a much lower cost. They are a quick way to clean your face, but many people also use them as a quick and clean way to remove makeup.

How to choose wet wipes for adult?

Many wet wipes have fragrance. This is good for many people, but those, who are sensitive to chemical smell, may choose products without smell.

Wet wipes for adult are notorious for causing plumbing issues and environmental damage because they are difficult to decompose. Therefore, if local whosalers and face wet wipes suppliers plans to flushable wipes, it is better to choose wipes from JIAYUE.