Sanitary napkins and tampons are two of the most common and effective ways to manage menstrual blood. It is not difficult to decide which one to use. Knowing more about each product can help you determine which product is your best choice.

Sanitary napkin and tampons

If you are looking for a menstrual product with both sanitary napkin and menstrual cup, it is a good choice to use sanitary tampons during your menstrual period. Actually, the tampons are absorbent materials inserted into the vagina, just like a menstrual cup. Tampons can be pulled out of the vagina when needed. Because it has a rope at the bottom. In addition, the tampons need to be replaced frequently.

The ladies sanitary napkins are very easy to use. Here is a quick guide on how to use it.
1. Unfold the sanitary napkin, unfold the wing, and peel the paper from the body and wing to expose the adhesive below.
2. Don’t throw away the wrapping paper now, you need it to handle the pad.
3. Now place the sanitary napkin in the middle of your underwear, with the sticky side facing down.
4. Fold the wings on both sides and fix them on the underpants. This grip will keep your sanitary pads in place.
5. Now put on your underwear as usual and start your day.

Materials of new sanitary napkins

1. Main ingredients – surface layer is organic cotton. Biodegradable wipes with PLA paper as medium-layer, also includes wood pulp and biodegradable PLA substrate.
2. Function – It is ecological. Additionally, 100% biodegradable within 90 days, hypoallergenic and BPA free.