Adult nappies are designed for adults who are incontinent, whereas baby nappies are designed for babies. Adult nappies tend to be larger and more absorbent than baby nappies and come with features such as refastenable tabs, leg cuffs, and wetness indicators. Baby nappies, on the other hand, are smaller and less absorbent, with features such as elasticized leg openings and leak guards.

JIAYUE, daper pants and nappies manufacturer, produce quality products such as adult nappies, wet wipes, sanitary napkin, etc. Meanwhile, our bamboo materials products will satisfy series of advantages below:
1. The water absorption capacity is 3.5 times that of cotton, with skin like feeling, ventilated, cool and neat.
2. The growth speed of bamboo is 30 times faster than that of trees. At the same time, it releases 30% more carbon dioxide and absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide.
3. The antibacterial rate is more than 75%, with better effect on sensitive skin.

Can both men and women use adult nappies?

You will find that most adult pull ups and adult nappies on the market are suitable for both men and women. If you are searching for male and female options, be sure to check the product description as follows: But remember! Not all pull ups are for men and women. Some will be designed specifically for men or women.

Washable adult nappie and underpad

Flushable cheap adult nappies are another option. These diapers (or saying nappies) consist of washable pads in reusable shell. Meanwhile, the insert is biodegradable and reduces the amount of washing that is usually required for cloth diapers. Alternatively, you can purchase washable underpad that can be used in any cloth diaper.