Baby nappies are absorbent items worn by babies and toddlers to absorb urine and faeces and prevent mess. They are made of disposable material such as paper or plastic and often have adhesive strips to help keep them in place. Best diapers for baby girl are absorbent items placed underneath a baby or toddler in a crib, playpen, or other sleeping surface. They are also made of disposable material such as paper or plastic and are often waterproof to protect the mattress or other surface from wetness. Unlike nappies, they are not designed to absorb urine and faeces and are intended to be changed regularly.

JIAYUE, as a professional baby daper pants and nappies manufacturer, is located in Fujian province as the biggest China production base. Meanwhile, we have exported to more than 70 plus countries during more than a decade. Referring to certificates of diapers and napkins, it will include FDA, CE, ISO, SGS, BV, Soncap, etc.

Find distinction between nappy and diaper

nappy – I began to study the origin of the different words we used in baby underwear, namely nappies and diapers. The etymology of nappy is boring. It is considered to be the abbreviation of napkin, which is still used by grandma sometimes. Additionally, speaking of napkin is in some Asian countries. However, the use of diapers as we know it can only be traced back to the early 20th century.

diaper – The word diaper comes from English. Actually it was from Greek ‘diaspros’ to medieval Latin ‘diasprum’. Finally, it was to ancient French ‘diaper’. It was mentioned that diaper fabric can be traced back to medieval France. At that time, it refers to a very fancy textile made of white silk, woven or knitted with gold thread.

Natural baby diaper pants options

Undoubtedly, disposable baby diaper pants are the most convenient choice. Because you don’t have to deal with washing, stapling or inserting. However, disposable baby diapers can be filled with chemicals and other potentially harmful ingredients. (e.g. dyes, spices, plastics, chlorine bleach, etc. As trusted underpad and baby diaper pants manufacturer and supplier, JIAYUE always supplies cotton-blend, free of chlorine, chemicals or gel. Certainly, according to customers’ demand and standard, we also use natural wood pulp from sustainable forests.