Adult wet wipes are typically formulated for sensitive skin and contain ingredients like aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E. They are designed to be mild and non-irritating. Baby wet wipes are formulated for delicate skin and usually contain ingredients like aloe, chamomile, and glycerin, which are mild and gentle on babies’ skin.

Parents clean the baby with washable wipes. Some people think that wet wipes for baby are more effective than toilet paper because the increased moisture helps to clean more thoroughly. And it may be more cost-effective, however depending on the brand in question. Because you may use fewer wipes than toilet paper. Although some people may find this usage strange, others swear that using wet baby wipes instead of toilet paper can improve personal hygiene. JIAYUE, a manufacturer owned self-brand Yibero and Adariel, always provides and supplies quality baby wet wipe to oversea market. Due to the influence of brand effect, we have more long-term overseas customers. Meanwhile, our quality products with comforatable experience already gained compliments from customers.

Different between baby wipes and wet wipes

Best wet wipes for baby look very similar. They are disposable wipes designed to be cleaned in an emergency. This is true, however there is a big difference between wet wipes for babies and wet wipe.
1. Baby wipes are suitable for parents to clean their children, while wet wipes are more suitable for cleaning items. Therefore, they are not always interchangeable.
2. Wet wipes usually have antibacterial properties, so you can use them to clean the surface and reduce the spread of bacteria. On the other hand, wet wipe for baby usually contain moisturizing ingredients that are safe for children’s skin. Trusted manufacturers of baby wipes, such as JIAYUE in China, know that baby wipes should not contain alcohol and chemicals.

Infants wet wipe can instead of wet wipes

Although flushable wet wipe is very different from wet wipes for child or infants, in some cases you can use one type of wipes instead of another. If you have difficulties, you can try to use baby wipes instead of adult wipes to clean the surface. However, it may not be as effective.