OEM Baby Care

Oct 10, 2022 | Blog, News, OEM Service

We have 2 basic types of baby pull up diaper for you to customizing.

Each types of baby diaper has different features, suitable for different markets and customer groups.

baby diaper

You only pay an affordable OEM fee for the first order, you will have a unique diaper with your brand. What can you customize on a pull up diaper?

If you have more idea or request, please share with us

  1. Logo on baby diaper, 
  2.  Printing on diaper, 
  3.  Customize packing, 
  4.  Softness, 
  5. Texture on the topsheet
business map

If this is your first time to customize baby diapers, the below sheet may help you clear about the process and timeline.

Products Case