Baby nappies and baby diaper pants are both designed for babies to wear to keep them dry and comfortable. The main difference between the two is that baby nappies are usually made from cloth and require a pin to fasten them, while baby diaper pants are usually disposable and have an elasticated waistband. Both products are designed to absorb moisture and prevent leaks.

JIAYUE, located in Quanzhou, Fujian Province of China. adult baby diaper brands are professional and trusted wet wipes and baby nappies manufacturer. Meanwhile, we may provide OEM/ODM according to customization services. In addition, the packaging can be printed according to the customer’s design, logo and quantity. For samples of wipe and baby nappy, we also consider as free of charge with loyal customers.

Advantages of JIAYUE baby nappies

1. Absorbent layer: San-Dia SAP from Japan; Fluf pulp from America
2. Wetness indicator helps you keep track of wet diapers by changing color when wet
3. Topsheet: Class A breathable non-woven fabric
4. Backsheet: Grade A PE film, optional cloth
5. Leakage prevention: 3D leakage guard with leg cluff
6 Tape: PP tapes or magic tapes are optional according to customer demand
7. Others: ADL, elastic for waistband; humidity indicator as option

Specification about baby diaper and nappies

Referring to diaper’s specification, normally we have standard dimension. In addition, diaper nappies manufacturer also provide custom size so that to satisfy customers’ demand. Firstly, width is around 320mm; For length or roll diameter, it is 500m/34cm, 650m/38cm, 1000m/48cm, 1500m/58cm; Thirdly, core diameter is 76mm; Finally, Weight of baby nappies are 13-18g/m².