baby diaper products

Questions from baby diaper buyer: Can the diapers still be used if they have expired but have not been opened?
Bacterial growth: The production process of diapers needs to be sterilized by high-temperature sterilization, ozone sterilization or ultraviolet disinfection. Once the diapers expire, bacteria or mold are easy to breed even in sealed packaging. Using it on infants and young children at this time may cause bacterial infection due to delicate skin, immature skin function and insufficient immune system function of infants, which in turn may cause allergies, urinary system infections and other adverse conditions;
Poor use effect: After the baby diaper products expires, the internal mask, bottom film and side leakage prevention edge are easy to age, and leakage is prone to occur during use, and the use effect is poor. In addition, if the diapers are improperly stored and placed in a humid environment, they may get damp, so it is not recommended to use them.

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