baby diapers cheap price

The china baby diaper pants suppliers of diapers will tell you the reasons for lumps and faults
The absorbent body of diaper products is mainly composed of fluff pulp and polymer water-absorbing particles (it is recommended that you take a piece of brand new and unused product, touch and knead to feel the hand feeling, there are grains of hard particles) We The water-absorbing particles used have good absorption performance, fast speed, good water-locking performance and are not easy to reverse osmosis, which is beneficial to protect the baby’s skin. But because the water-absorbing particles are not sticky to each other, when the baby urinates, the water-absorbing particles will play the function of absorbing water and locking water. After the baby is full, the volume will expand and become larger, and the hardness will become soft, like jelly, forming lumps or Normal phenomenon of fault. Although the baby diapers cheap price will not affect the water absorption effect, you can rest assured to use them for your baby~~


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