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The china baby diaper pants factory will decipher why some babies turn red PP during the process of using diapers.
Urine contains ammonia. If it is not replaced in time or thoroughly cleaned and skin care is carried out with warm water or baby wipes, it will cause the baby’s buttocks to be soaked in urine for a long time or diapers on the skin. If the moisture is not completely released and dried for a long time, the residual “ammonia” in the urine will irritate the baby’s skin or the moisture will not evaporate completely, resulting in redness of the baby’s PP (commonly known as red PP or over-dish). According to the daily nursing experience, the china baby diaper pants manufacturer recommends that you check the baby’s urination frequently, and clean, care and replace the baby in time.
After using china baby diaper pants, clean the skin thoroughly by gently drying instead of wiping back and forth; after cleaning the skin of the buttocks. Apply a generous amount of nappy balm and allow the moisture to dry off your baby’s skin.

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