cheap feminine pads

The cheap feminine pads mainly consists of a three-layer structure consisting of a surface layer, an absorption core, and a bottom layer. The china sanitary napkin factory materials of each layer are bonded with hot melt adhesive. The outermost layer (i.e. bottom layer) is non-woven fabric, with a soft material.

Internally, there is a layer of anti leakage film (composed of waterproof paper or polyethylene film). Further inward is the fluffy pulp wrapped in toilet paper mixed with high molecular water absorbent, forming a strong absorber. Once the menstrual blood seeps into this layer, it will be firmly attached and will not reverse or scatter. On the back of the sanitary napkin by china sanitary napkin manufacturer, there is also pressure sensitive adhesive tape (self-adhesive) that matches the release paper.

When using, simply pull off the release paper and throw it away, and then apply the tape to the underwear to prevent slipping.

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