china baby nappies

Advantages of china baby nappies
The diapers produced by china baby nappies factory are all aimed at Asian babies. The diapers have a complete range of models, including NB/S/M/L/XL/XXL, suitable for babies from 5kg to 25kg, and have a wide range of audiences.
The surface layer is made of non-woven fabric, which has been specially treated to remove surface burrs and make diapers softer.
In terms of water absorption design, the china baby nappies manufacturer adopts professional polymer water-absorbing particles, which can absorb quickly and remain white after contact with water, which has a good water-locking effect.
The diversion layer is designed to quickly transfer and diffuse urine downwards, maximizing the absorption of polymers.
There are multiple layers of three-dimensional hemming design around the legs, soft and close to the body and leak-proof.
Cotton soft arc massage sticker: The soft cotton surface and the arc shape will not scratch the delicate skin, nor will it wake up the sleeping baby.
Three urine wet display. After the baby is wet, the wetness indicator will turn blue, reminding the mother to change the diaper in time.

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