2023 Jiayue Hygiene Products Party Fun–Work like crazy & Play like mad

Apr 21, 2023 | News

Work and life are now fast-paced, but occasionally we have to stop and eat, drink, play and shoot to keep track of the wonderful things around us, so Jiayue has recently organized a villa party.

The party house that we chose this time is very OK in terms of value and entertainment. The 1st floor is a place for taking photos and singing, the 2nd floor is an open-air barbecue where we can eat together, and the 3rd floor is a place where we can watch movies and play games together, so everyone is very satisfied. We all release our stress and express our enthusiasm in the singing, enhance our relationship in the games we play together, and bring our culinary skills into play during the barbecue together… Live here, be happy here, a fragment of a busy life, a day where looks, tastes and enthusiasm are all online.

team building

The most memorable part should be the buffet time at the end, where the setting is really beautiful, pleasing to the eye, and the meal is also a pleasure, making today’s life another ritual ~ May we remember to always keep our zest for life, to be positive about our work, to be responsible for our lives, and to excel in what we are good at.

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The league construction came to a successful end, and Jiayue hopes that everyone will always be positive, always in tears, always full of pride and always honest!