Biodegradable wipes

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The wipes cloth is very convenient for various cleaning occasions, and can also reduce the cross contamination between the dustbin, remote control, mobile phone and other surfaces. The most popular reason for wet wipes is that they are convenient and easy to use, which means that cleaning is no longer a trouble, and it saves time in our busy lives. However, although convenient, wet wipes can be harmful to the environment. So biodegradable wipes are popular to consumers because of its advantages. JIAYUE, diaper pants manufacturer and supplier in China, produce all kinds of high quality baby nappies, biodegradable wipe with wholesale price. Welcome to procurement of nappies, napkin, etc.

Why biodegradable wipes are worth to recommand?

Once properly treated, biodegradable wipe will be naturally decomposed by microorganisms and returned to the ecosystem. Biodegradable wipes are made from plant based and biodegradable fibers. The time required for their decomposition depends on the surrounding environment.

JIAYUE, trusted self-branded biodegradable wipe manufacturer

A few companies produce truly biodegradable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly disposable wipes, but these are exceptions. I’ll talk about that later. First of all, like diapers, the most environmentally friendly choice for wet wipes is to choose reusable ones as much as possible. In additional, JIAYUE, as leading manufacturer, always provide quality and true biodegradable wipe products in bulk according to customers’ demand.