Comfort For All Ages: Discover YIBERO Diapers And Bed Pads With Superior Range from Babies To Adults

Apr 3, 2024 | News

In the world of personal hygiene products, the demand for quality and comfort is ever-increasing. As parents, we want the best diapers for our children. However, as adults, we seek reliable solutions for incontinence care. Enter YIBERO, a leading manufacturer and supplier in the hygiene industry, dedicated to providing top-tier diapers and bed pads for all ages.


Meeting The Demand For Quality And Comfort


When it comes to the well-being of your little ones, YIBERO understands the need for the best diapers. Our baby diapers are designed with utmost care and consideration, keeping in mind the delicate skin of your baby. They feature a super-absorbent core, leak-proof barriers, and a comfortable fit—all the qualities of the best diapers for baby girl or boy. Our cheap pull ups diapers, with their stretchy sides and easy-to-tear seams, make diaper changes a breeze while also giving your toddler a sense of independence.

best diapers for baby girl

Baby Diapers & Bed Pads: Nighttime Protection Made Easy


But YIBERO’s commitment to comfort and quality doesn’t stop at babies and toddlers. We also offer an excellent range of products for older children and adults. Our children’s disposable bed pads and baby diapers are perfect for nighttime protection. Made with a super-absorbent core, they keep the bed dry and ensure a good night’s sleep. If you consider the cost, as reputed China bed pads factory, we wholesale quality and cheap diaper sale. They’re also easy to use; just place them under your child’s bottom sheet and you’re all set.


YIBERO Trusted Manufacturer For High-Quality Baby Diapers


Superior Materials For Optimal Comfort:

YIBERO baby diapers are crafted with care using premium materials, including cotton and non-woven fabrics. These materials are chosen for their softness, breathability, and gentle touch on your baby’s delicate skin. YIBERO understands that comfort is of utmost importance for your little one, and their diapers are designed to keep your baby dry and comfortable throughout the day.


Leakage-Proof Top Sheet For Enhanced Protection:

The top sheet of YIBERO baby diapers is made of non-woven fabric with a leaking-proof feature. This specially designed top sheet acts as a barrier to prevent leaks, keeping your baby’s skin dry and free from irritation. With YIBERO’s diapers, you can have peace of mind knowing that your baby will stay comfortable and protected from leaks.


3D Leak Guard For Extra Security:

YIBERO baby diapers are equipped with a 3D leak guard system. This innovative feature provides an extra layer of protection against leaks. The 3D leak guard fits snugly around your baby’s legs, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. With this advanced design, YIBERO diapers effectively prevent leaks and keep your baby’s clothing and bedding dry.


Convenient And Flexible Packaging:

YIBERO understands the importance of convenience for busy parents. Their baby diapers come in a thoughtfully designed packaging solution. Each diaper is individually packed in an inner printed bag for easy handling and hygiene. The outer bag or carton provides additional protection during transportation and storage. YIBERO is flexible and can accommodate custom requests regarding the number of diapers per bag, allowing you to choose the packaging option that suits your needs.


High-Quality Control And Assurance:

YIBERO is committed to delivering baby diapers of the highest quality. With a qualified rate of ≥ 97%, they ensure that each diaper meets strict quality standards. YIBERO employs rigorous quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process to guarantee the reliability and performance of their diapers. You can trust that YIBERO diapers will provide the comfort and protection your baby deserves.


Reliable Bed Pads For Children Made By YIBERO


Premium Materials for Maximum Comfort:

YIBERO bed pads for children are crafted using a combination of high-quality materials, including PE film, cotton, and non-woven fabric. The PE film acts as a waterproof barrier, protecting the mattress from any spills or accidents. The cotton and non-woven fabric layers provide a soft and gentle surface for your child to sleep on. YIBERO understands that comfort is essential for a good night’s sleep, and their bed pads are designed with your child’s comfort in mind.


Efficient Absorption with Dry Surface:

YIBERO bed pads feature a dry surface design that quickly absorbs moisture, keeping your child’s skin dry and comfortable. The absorption capacity of these bed pads ensures that any accidents or spills are effectively contained, providing peace of mind for parents. With YIBERO bed pads, you can trust that your child will experience a dry and comfortable sleeping environment.


Leak Guard for Added Protection:

YIBERO bed pads are equipped with a leak guard feature to prevent any leaks or spills from seeping through the edges. The leak guard acts as a barrier, ensuring that the bed pad remains securely in place and keeps the mattress dry. This added protection provides reassurance to parents and helps maintain a clean and hygienic sleeping area for your child.


Customer-Specific Colors and MOQ:

YIBERO understands that customers may have specific color preferences for their bed pads. As such, they offer customization options to meet these requirements. The color of the bed pads can be tailored to the customer’s preference.


Size Options and Customization:

YIBERO offers a range of size options for their bed pads to accommodate different needs. The standard sizes available are 6045cm, 6060cm, and 60*90cm. However, YIBERO is also capable of providing customized sizes based on specific requirements. This flexibility allows parents to choose the size that best fits their child’s bed or crib.


YIBERO sets a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 300,000 pieces for their bed pads. This ensures that customers can benefit from bulk purchasing options while maintaining competitive pricing.

Adult Baby Under Bed Pad

Adult Incontinence Solutions: Confidence And Peace Of Mind


For adults in need of incontinence solutions, YIBERO offers an array of products designed with the same care and quality. Our adult diapers at night and adult baby under bed pads provide reliable protection, ensuring you can go about your day with confidence and peace of mind.


High Production Capacity:

YIBERO’s production capabilities are impressive, with a capacity of producing 560 pieces of baby diapers per minute and 230 pieces of adult diapers per minute. This high production capacity ensures that YIBERO can meet the demands of customers efficiently and deliver products promptly.


Catering To Various Sizes For Baby Diapers & Adult Diapers:


Baby Diaper Sizes


YIBERO provides baby diapers in multiple sizes to accommodate the growth and development of infants. The dimensions and specifications for each size are as follows:


M Size:

  • LengthWidth (mm): 480mm400mm
  • Absorption (ml): 500ml
  • Weight (g): 26g
  • PCSBagPackage: 50*6


L Size:

  • LengthWidth (mm): 500mm400mm
  • Absorption (ml): 600ml
  • Weight (g): 28g
  • PCSBagPackage: 46*6


XL Size:

  • LengthWidth (mm): 520mm420mm
  • Absorption (ml): 700ml
  • Weight (g): 30g
  • PCSBagPackage: 40*6


XXL Size:

  • LengthWidth (mm): 540mm420mm
  • Absorption (ml): 800ml
  • Weight (g): 32g
  • PCSBagPackage: 38*6


YIBERO is also capable of accommodating special size requirements such as XXXL, providing customized solutions to meet specific customer needs.


Adult Pants Diaper Sizes


YIBERO recognizes the importance of comfort and functionality for adult diapers. Their adult pants diapers are available in various sizes, ensuring a proper fit and maximum absorbency. The dimensions and specifications for each size are as follows:


M Size:

  • LengthWidth (mm): 760mm590mm
  • Absorption (ml): 700ml
  • Weight (g): 56g
  • PCSBagPackage: 10*10


L Size:

  • LengthWidth (mm): 800mm710mm
  • Absorption (ml): 800ml
  • Weight (g): 62g
  • PCSBagPackage: 10*10


XL Size:

  • LengthWidth (mm): 880mm850mm
  • Absorption (ml): 900ml
  • Weight (g): 72g
  • PCSBagPackage: 10*10


XXL Size:

  • LengthWidth (mm): 960mm850mm
  • Absorption (ml): 1000ml
  • Weight (g): 84g
  • PCSBagPackage: 10*10


YIBERO’s adult diapers are designed to provide excellent absorbency, comfort, and leak protection for individuals who require them.


Online Shopping: Convenient and Hassle-Free


One of the key benefits of choosing YIBERO is the convenience of purchasing our products. We offer baby diaper online sale and wholesale options, so you can easily stock up on the essentials without leaving your home. Our user-friendly website and dedicated customer service make the buying process smooth and hassle-free.


Our Mission: Quality And Comfort For All Ages


At YIBERO, we believe that everyone deserves the best when it comes to personal hygiene products. Our mission is to provide high-quality, comfortable, and reliable solutions that cater to the needs of all ages—from babies and children to adults. With our wide range of products, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect fit for you and your family.


Choose YIBERO For Superior Comfort And Quality


So why wait? Explore YIBERO range today and discover the superior comfort and quality we offer. With YIBERO – China famous adult baby diaper brands, you can rest assured that you’re choosing the best for you and your loved ones. Please do not hesitate to contact with us for quality and cheap incontinence bed pads.