Current status of disposable hygiene products industry in India

Aug 25, 2023 | News

India, with a population of 1.3 billion and a booming economy, has become a popular investment destination for global investors in recent years. From international giants to Chinese manufacturers, industry players from various markets have expanded their footprints there, and the dispos able hygiene products market is no exception.

Rising literacy rates, rising awareness of safety and hygiene among consumers, and increasing life expectancy coupled with improving rural conditions are creating opportunities for expanding the sanitation market. The people of India want to improve their standard of living and income. They have increased the proportion of women in employment and improved consumers’ spending habits. These factors will help drive the growth of the disposable hygiene products market.

As Indian Consumer Spending Continues to Grow, The Maternity and Baby Market is Another Booming Segment that Could Experient Growth. WHEN Those Same People Become Wives and Mothers, They Will Help Boost E-Commerce Sales. baby market is set to grow by 17-18% to reach $20 billion. Both online and offline retailers are very interested in this “big cake”. Expect the next retail war to take place in this market. These factors will boost the growth of the hygiene market in india.

Feminine hygiene products account for a large proportion of the disposable hygiene products market in India in the mother and baby sub-category. According to Euromonitor, the market for feminine hygiene products in India has reached 22.21 billion rupees ($340 million ) and is expected to reach 34.68 billion rupees ($522 million) by 2020; , the market size will reach 47 billion pieces per year, and the prospect is very broad; 70% of adult diapers are sold through hospitals and their affiliated stores, which is welcomed by In dians. Most adult diapers are diapers, pads and nursing pads. Elderly centers in India have also started promoting adult diapers.

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