Diaper raw materials — Backsheet film

Mar 24, 2023 | News

Last time we learned about diaper materials-tape,than today we want to talk about the backsheet film.The backsheet is the water-resistant outer layer of the diaper and it prevents liquids from passing through the diaper and leaking onto the baby’s clothing or surrounding environment.In the backsheet film, it can be divided into PE film and breathable film.

  • Unbreathable PE film(Cast film):PE film is one of the raw materials of diaper for packing film and back sheet,generally used for adult diapers, baby diapers can also be made.There are excellent waterproof perfomance and soft & best physical features. It is good uniformity and touch feeling, akin-friendly for baby diaper,directly used as the bottom film of diapers, the less calcium carbonate the better the quality, the more calcium carbonate the cheaper the pricethe weight is between 23-35gsm.
  • Breathable film:Divided into single film and laminated film.

1.Single film:Buy it back and compound 13-18gsm,non-woven fabric online on the machine, the weight is 15-18gsm.

2.Laminated film(cloth like film):A cloth like backsheet is made of a laminate of film and nonwoven fabric.It is basically used for baby diapers, and some adult diapers can also be used. In addition to the feel of the outfacing nonwoven fabric, the film composition, manufacturing process and lamination process used also can impact and improve softness.There are some advantages are as follows: precise contraposition, rich and colorful, excellent printing performance , excellent physical performance , environment, friendly, odorless, Non-toxic, without VOC, no benzene residue, soft and comfortable.

1)Centered laminated film:PE film centered on non-woven fabric,relatively common.The weight is between 23-28gsm,generally, the width of non-woven fabric is 320/340mm, and the width of PE film is 175mm.

2)Full laminated film:The price is relatively high,the weight is between 28-32gsm,generally, the width of non-woven fabric is 280/320/340mm.

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