Diaper raw materials——Tape

Mar 16, 2023 | News

Diapers cover many different raw materials from top to bottom, front to back, and each raw material subdivides and covers many. Today we mainly explain the tape in diaper materials. In diaper tape, it can be divided into cartoon tape, frontal tape, side tape, abandon tape ect.
1.Cartoon tape is mainly used in pull-up pants, Jiayue supports customization of different patterns to meet your needs.

2.Frontal tape

① PP frontal tape:Good stability, suitable for all kinds of diapers’ tape system. Recycle tape, could be taped repeatedly, and won’t be out of shape.

② Knit loop frontal tape:With hook on the net surface, make diaper sides tape stronger! Baby diaper not easy to drop dpwn when movement.

③ Brush loop frontal tape

④ Non-woven fabric frontal loop tape/Laminated non-woven fabric frontal loop tape:flexible ,comfortable, non-crinkle.

3.Side tape:Double Sided Adhesive Tape,Refastening Diaper Tape,Baby Diaper Magic Side Tape
(1) Excellent imported hook with good holding power.
(2) Can be used repeatedly, prevent from besmirch and dust.
(3) Soft and close to skin.
(4) Use combine with pp fastening frontal film and non-woven frontal film.
① Magic side tape

② PP side tape

4.Pull-ups z fold tape(abandon tape):Abandon tape also called disposal tape, which applied to the back side of nappies,used to discard diapers to protect environmental hygiene.

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