How does Jiayue make more and more customers trust

Jul 5, 2023 | News

In the past 20 years, we have experienced the Internet era, completed the onlineization of all the real world, and reshaped the entire way of human communication and global cultural integration; experienced the elusiveness of mobile intelligence to promote life updates, exciting innovative consumption concepts and The transformation of brand marketing; we have seen traditional and closed brands fall one after another, and all kinds of brands that have undergone sudden evolution will be like ducks in water in the new business ecology in the future, grow up against the wind, rise by the momentum, and eventually become one after another. A giant of tens of billions, Jiayue also complies with the trend in the changing times, keeps up with the pace of the times, gradually develops and grows, and has won the trust of more and more customers.

For Jiayue, customers are not only customers, but also our friends. In any relationship, trust is the most important. A relationship without trust is like a loose sand, which may collapse at any time. This is why customers choose to work with us again and again. Reason for cooperation. Every individual in Jiayue sincerely believes that helping customers solve problems to achieve the customer’s expected goal is the most important thing in the cooperation process. The principle of Jiayue is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes, demonstrate credibility and the ability to help customers, and anticipate the concerns customers may have.

Helping customers solve real problems takes real skills. Quanzhou, China is the largest gathering place for manufacturers of disposable sanitary products. In the local area, Jiayue is one of the industry leaders that stand out. Jiayue has more than 10 years of sales experience in disposable sanitary products. Each business has rich professional knowledge, so it can quickly understand customer needs and help customers solve problems in a timely manner; we are familiar with the sales situation of various industries and can help customers design products , Establish a brand, etc., only in this way is the real service for customers. Our expertise allows us to have our own independent brand – Yibero. Not only that, we have also helped many customers become well-known local brands, and our expertise has also allowed more and more customers to trust Jiayue.

As a supplier, professionalism and service are important, but the quality of products is the key to make customers start to cooperate with us and continue to cooperate. Jiayue has experienced 10 years of hard work, product updates and iterations, coupled with a strong R&D team and a professional and meticulous quality inspection team, making our product chain more and more perfect and able to stand out among many suppliers. Our self-owned brand – Yibero, covers baby/adult diaper (pant), wet wipes, underpad, sanitary napkin, etc., and has successfully exported to Southeast Asia, Russia and other regions, and the brand has been recognized by more and more customers.

Believe in Jiayue service, believe in Jiayue service, believe in Jiayue products, Jiayue hopes to cooperate with more customers from all over the world, and develop a broader market together! Contact us now!

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