How to find a reliable hygiene products supplier

Apr 3, 2023 | News

After the summer vacation in Europe last year, a customer from the European market found us through our Jiayue website. In the early stage, we connected with the purchase of this company. The customer had clear product specifications. In the early communication, the customer appreciated our professionalism ability, we introduced our products to him, and the customer said that our expertise broadened his vision and he was willing to see our samples first, so we immediately prepared samples according to customer requirements and sent them out.

During the sample preparation process, we use labels to identify product specifications. Because the connection is procurement, we try our best to make it as detailed as possible and make the documents clearer. This can reduce the workload of procurement and make the cooperation more efficient. smoothly.

After the customer received the sample, we continued to tell the customer about our products and the strength of the company. We did not get feedback from the customer for a period of time.We immediately asked the customer for feedback on the sample,and kept abreast whether there was any need for optimization. The customer said During this period of time, they are carefully comparing and discussing products. They attach great importance to product quality. After receiving the samples, the boss is willing to start the first cooperation.

The cooperation products is adult diaper pants of our self-owned brand Yibero in this time. After receiving the products, the customer came to us immediately and said that them were very satisfied with the quality of this product, and would continue to communicate with us about the details of the next cooperation.

Although this cooperation has taken a long time, we believe that a good connection is the most important part of the cooperation, and stable quality is the key to the growth of OEM brand sales.Later, when we asked the customer why they finally choose Jiayue as their supplier, the customer said that Jiayue is indeed an old supplier with 10 years of experience, and we are very professional in products.When he gave us their needs, we quickly and accurately gave him an accurate reply, and the communication efficiency was very high, saving time costs.Secondly, the quality of our Yibero products is good controlled, the packaging design is simple and advanced, the details are handled in place, and there is quality and quantity.

As everyone knows, it is not easy to create a new brand. If there is a quality problem, it is easy to destroy a brand overnight. Therefore, we try our best to make Jiayue’s own brand satisfy customers,we also can help customers OEM their own brands, and develop from a container to a local well-known brand with stable quality. Efficient docking + professional team + stable quality can easily solve your import and brand growth problems.

Jiayue is a foreign trade company that focuses on sanitary products for 10 years. Standard and customized baby/adult/pet diaper, wet/dry wipes, sanitary napkins, under pad, and raw materials, supports one-stop service solution and OEM/ODM/OBM service.Our self-owned brand Yibero is going overseas,more details welcome to contact us, we look forward to your cooperation with us!