Jiayue Continues to Maintain Stable Shipments!

Jul 12, 2023 | News

In Quanzhou, China, amidst the scorching summer season, Jiayue’s loading workers and quality inspectors are diligently loading containers for shipment. This week, Jiayue is expected to ship over 20 containers, which include various functional hygiene products, such as Jiayue’s own brand of baby wipes, adult wipes, women’s sanitary pads, B-grade compressed baby diapers, as well as SAP raw materials.

With over 10 years of experience in hygiene products, Jiayue offers a wide range of products such as wipes/paper towels/baby diapers/adult diapers/-under pads, etc. Yibero is Jiayue’s proprietary brand, offering a range of products including baby/adult diapers, pull-up pants, and wet wipes. Yibero continuously incorporates design concepts from around the world, aiming to create perfect products for individuals of different age groups. We advocate a quality philosophy that emphasizes comfort, breathability, high absorption, and aesthetic appeal, striving to convey the concept of a comfortable lifestyle to every customer. Our clients who have purchased Yibero brand baby/adult diapers, pull-up pants and wet wipes have quickly gained popularity among diverse consumers in the local market.

We produce standard diaper raw materials, sanitary raw materials, wet wipes raw materials, include non-fabric, spandex, SAP, PE film etc. All these sanitary related raw materials are widely recognized among our global clients.

In addition, Jiayue has experienced container loading workers who can load more quantities of products compared to competitors, saving container space and effectively reducing shipping costs. To learn more, please feel free to contact us right away!

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