Jiayue Indonesia exhibition has successfully concluded

Nov 29, 2023 | News

The Indonesia exhibition, which lasted a week, has successfully concluded! Every busy day at the Jakarta Baby Products Fair, we met many friendly and enthusiastic customers. They are satisfied with the quality of our products and are interested in the China-made diaper business. Although the exhibition was held in a short period of time, Jiayue was well-prepared. From the pictures of the exhibition, it can be seen that every detail of Jiayue’s posters was carefully designed after extensive communication. Moreover, we prepared detailed product catalogs, clear quotations, and information on the Indonesian diaper market analysis.

Whether as a buyer or a seller, the product is key. Among the many suppliers of sanitary products, Jiayue stands out due to its competitive edge, primarily because of Jiayue’s products’ outstanding innovation in design, quality, and pricing. Jiayue mainly showcased its own brand, Yibero, which won the favor of many customers and was one of the most popular booths at the event. Customers continuously visited the booth, and every day there were three staff members constantly receiving them. Looking at the types of customers, many are involved in the mother and baby market, such as toys, children’s clothing, etc., and now they are interested in transitioning to the diaper market, showing significant interest.

At this exhibition, we learned that the Indonesian market prioritizes high cost-performance and stable quality, but not necessarily the highest quality. Moreover, the quality of local well-known brands is not good. We think the only slightly better one is MUKUKU. Yibero’s quality is comparable to MUKUKU’s, and even its designs could be better. Jiayue’s quality was also recognized by a wide range of customers, with five customers revisiting 2-3 times to discuss more details about products and cooperation. Some customers are preparing to start obtaining the SNI certification and collaborate on PI, looking forward to Jiayue’s rapid growth in the Indonesian market from zero to one.

This Jiayue Indonesian exhibition has successfully concluded. People here are very friendly and kind, and the exhibition is going very smoothly. Look forward to seeing Jiayue’s products in more places. With this experience, Jiayue are more familiar with the Indonesia market. We also welcome partners from Indonesia to travel to China, visit Quanzhou, and experience the enthusiasm of Jiayue! We supply the baby diapersadult diapers, wet wipes, dry wipes, sanitary napkinsunderpad, pet diapers, and related raw materials, as well as OEM and ODM customization services.More details pls contact us~

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