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Size M – XL
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Product Description

Ensuring top-notch care for our young ones is pivotal for us as parents. Positioned as a prominent baby diaper companies, YIBERO takes pride in presenting a vast collection of high-caliber diaper products, crafted with a focus on the comfort, safety, and efficiency. Begin a dialogue with YIBERO today concerning your bulk order requirements for baby diapers, and become acquainted with the rewards of collaborating with a reputable manufacturer based in China.  

Products Overview

baby diaper companies are garments, either disposable or reusable, meant to contain and manage an infant’s body waste. Their role in ensuring hygiene and promoting good skin health during the diapering stage is fundamental.

Product Breakdown

Infant Diapers: Infant diapers are the most common variant and are appropriate for infants and toddlers of different sizes. They consist of soft, breathable materials and display high absorbency, promoting dryness and comfort for the little ones.
Elderly Diapers: Elderly diapers prioritize the needs of seniors, the disabled, or those dealing with incontinence. These provide unobtrusive and comfortable protection and are available in designs suitable for both men and women.
Specific Diapers: Specialized diapers exist to meet unique requirements, such as swim diapers for water-related activities, training pants aiding toilet training, or overnight diapers with enhanced absorbent power.

Product Advantages

Comfort & Suitability: baby diaper companies are created with soft, breathable fabrics and include adjustable fasteners, guaranteeing a personalized and irritation-free fit.
Absorption & Dryness: baby diaper companies incorporate highly absorbent cores that lock in moisture, preserving the health and dryness of the baby’s skin.
Leakage Shield: The sure, body-fitted designs of baby diaper companies help avert any potential leaks.
Skin Health: The superior topsheets incorporated in baby diaper companies proficiently handle moisture and fend off rash-promoting irritants.

Product Packaging


Q1.What is your MOQ?
For baby diapers, it’s 140’HQ container with 4 mixed sizes or 120FT container with 2 mixed sizes. For adult diapers, it’s 140’HQ container with 2 mixed sizes or 120FT container with 1 size. For sanitary napkins, it’s 140HQ with 2 mixed sizes or 120FT container with one mixed size.
Q2.Can you send a free sample?
Yes, we can provide a free sample. You only need to pay for the postage.
Q3.What is the delivery date?
The delivery date is approximately 10-20 days after receipt of your deposit.
Q4.What are the payment terms?
The payment terms are a 30% deposit by T/T, with the balance due against the copy of the BL.

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