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Products diapers
Type Disposable
Size M – XL
MOQ 30000 Pcs

Product Description

YIBERO, an eminent wholesale distributor of high-quality adult diapers, is prepped for global distribution. Get in touch with factory – cheap diapers singapore for more information on our premium products and the most competitive wholesale prices direct from our factory.  

Product Snapshot

cheap diapers singapore are fundamental sanitary products found in homes all across the world, offering important hygiene benefits for both children and adults. Whether reusable or disposable, these products are designed to absorb and hold waste, ensuring users’ comfort, cleanliness, and convenience.

Product Categories

Children’s Diapers: These are broadly used and come in a range of sizes to suit growing infants and toddlers. These diapers are notable for their soft, breathable materials and excellent absorbency that keep children comfortable and dry.
Elderly Diapers: Exclusively designed for seniors, people with disabilities, or individuals dealing with incontinence, these diapers provide gentle and comfortable protection. They are fashioned to be suitable for both males and females.
Special-purpose Diapers: Certain diapers are custom-made for various specific uses, like swim diapers for water activities, training pants for assisting with toilet training, or overnight diapers enhanced with superior absorbency capabilities.

Product Benefits

Comfort and Confidence: cheap diapers singapore are made from comfortable, breathable materials and offer a secure, tailored fit, enabling users to feel at ease and self-assured throughout the day.
Odor Management: The advanced absorbent layers and top sheets of cheap diapers singapore effectively trap moisture and manage odors, keeping everything fresh.
Skin Care: cheap diapers singapore employ specialized moisture-absorbing technologies that help prevent skin issues such as rashes and irritation.
Discretion: The slim and body-contoured design of these diapers ensures they remain unnoticeable under clothing, guaranteeing maximum privacy.

Product Size:

Our cost-effective diapers are offered in a variety of sizes and styles to meet the unique needs and preferences of diverse users. From newborn to toddler, our comprehensive range of products caters to all baby ages and stages, promising every baby a product that addresses their distinctive needs.

L*W (mm) 760*590 800*710 880*850 960*850
Absorption (ml) 700 800 900 1000
Weight (g) 56 62 72 84
PCS*Bag*Package 10*10 10*10 10*10 10*10

Product Packaging


Q1.What is your MOQ?
For baby diapers, it’s 140’HQ container with 4 mixed sizes or 120FT container with 2 mixed sizes. For adult diapers, it’s 140’HQ container with 2 mixed sizes or 120FT container with 1 size. For sanitary napkins, it’s 140HQ with 2 mixed sizes or 120FT container with one mixed size.
Q2.Can you send a free sample?
Yes, we can provide a free sample. You only need to pay for the postage.
Q3.What is the delivery date?
The delivery date is approximately 10-20 days after receipt of your deposit.
Q4.What are the payment terms?
The payment terms are a 30% deposit by T/T, with the balance due against the copy of the BL.

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