diaper pants large

Model Number: M
Material: Non Woven Fabric
Weight: 32g, 28 to 45 lbs
Feature: Plain Woven, Super slim

Product Description

Type: Diapers/Nappies
Absorption: Dry Surface
Anti-Leak: 3D Leak Prevention Channel
Diaper Type: Disposable
Age Group: Adults
Topsheet: Ultra soft topsheet
Waistband: 360 elastic waist band pants
Backsheet: Ultra soft backsheet
Sales point: Disposal tape
Items: Training pants
Sizes: M-L


How to use diaper pants large

1. Have the user lie on his or her side, unfold the diaper on the bed with the side with the tape facing up, adjust the core layer and align it with the appropriate position between the waist and hip, then open the diaper that is farther away from the user half of the diaper.
2. Assist the user to turn to his or her side and open the other side of the diaper.
3、Assist the user to lie on his back and spread his legs, pull the front piece to the abdomen from between the legs and place the tape Tape on the front waist area, adjust the position of the diaper and flatten the elastic leak-proof partition on both sides to fit Adjust the position of the diaper and flatten the two sides of the elastic leak-proof partition to fit the body.

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