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Quanzhou JIAYUE Sanitary Products Co., Ltd., prominently known as YIBERO, stands as a leading diaper supplier and manufacturer in Quanzhou, China’s renowned diaper production hub. As a premier diaper products factory, YIBERO takes pride in its diverse product portfolio, encompassing standard and customized baby diapers, adult diapers, wet wipes, dry wipes, sanitary napkins, menstrual pads, sanitary pads, pet diapers, and more. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customization ensures that their products meet the highest standards of performance and safety, catering to the varied needs of consumers worldwide.


Product Description

Wholesale Disposable High Absorbency Adult Diaper Pants Pull-Up Design China manufactuer

  • YIBERO develops absorbent underwear designed specifically for adult bodies experiencing incontinence issues. Their diaper pants offer an discreet alternative to bulky regular diapers.
  • Tailored to fit mature physiques, the pant-style underwear shape matches natural body lines for a appearance resembling normal attire. This preserves dignity for users during embarrassing episodes.
  • Breathable outer fabrics like spunbond-meltblown-spunbond laminates are specially engineered to resist leaks while still allowing skin to breathe. This helps reduce risks of rashes or discomfort associated with excessive moisture trapped against the skin.
  • Intended for both temporary needs as well as long-term incontinence, the underwear provides absorption where it’s needed without oversizing. Individuals can wear them as needed during potty training to build confidence and avoid setbacks from accidents.
  • For chronic incontinence, the underwear supports independent living by controlling odors and leaks discreetly under regular clothes. As control improves over time, users can transition comfortably to mainstream underwear without feeling constrained by bulky diapers.
  • YIBERO diaper pants empower those facing incontinence challenges through a dignified and suitable solution that preserves quality of life. Their tailored design focuses on discretion and skin-friendly materials for optimal comfort and protection.
Brand Name OEM&ODMAdult Diapers
Place Fujian, China
Material Non Woven Fabric
Weight 85-100g
Type Disposable
Absorption Soft Breathable
Anti-Leak 3D Leak Prevention Channel
Size M–XL
Top sheet Soft Non-woven
Application Incontinence People Care
Samples Freely Offered
MOQ 30000 Pcs
Payment T/T
Color White Color


L*W(mm) 760*590 800*710 880*850 960*850
absorption(ml) 700 800 900 1000
weight(g) 56 62 72 84
PCS*Bag*Package 10*10 10*10 10*10 10*10

 China Fashion Printed Cute Design New High Quality Super Absorbent Baby Diaper Pant


Quanzhou JIAYUE Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. is one of the professional diaper suppliers in Quanzhou, China’s diaper production base. We manufacture standard and custom baby diapers, adult diapers, wet wipes, dry wipes, sanitary napkins, menstrual pads, sanitary pads, pet diapers and more. All these bathroom products are widely recognized by our customers worldwide. Jiayue has been regarded as the only trustworthy supplier by old customers and has helped some customers grow from a container trial order to a well-known brand in the local market. We provide professional market support, stable high-quality products, efficient services and competitive prices. Both OEM and ODM services are available. Export regions and countries include Europe, the United States, South Asia, India, South Korea, Tanzania, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Chile, etc.

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