Prospects for Disposable Hygiene Products in Southeast Asia

Jun 7, 2023 | News

The global market size for disposable hygiene products is expected to reach $130.5 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $129 billion by 2026. Southeast Asia is one of the fastest-growing regions in the global economy, driven by an increase in living standards and strong consumer demand for daily necessities. By 2023, the hygiene products market in Southeast Asia had already doubled in size. This growth is primarily driven by factors such as rising consumer incomes, urbanization, and an increase in literacy rates in the Southeast Asian region.

Furthermore, women in Southeast Asia have higher levels of education than ever before, which has led to an increase in women entering the workforce and a rise in disposable income. The improvements in education and the economy not only further support the growth in demand for modern and convenient hygiene products for women and babies but also provide women with stronger purchasing power to buy these products. By 2023, the per capita disposable income of women in Southeast Asia is projected to increase by over $1,200, which is twice the global average for women.

Another notable trend in Southeast Asia is the increasing consumer shift towards disposable cheap pull ups diapers, particularly those with SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) core. It has become the most popular form of diapers in markets such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The convenience provided by pull-up diapers is a major factor driving this transition, as parents are willing to seek out products that offer greater comfort, protection, and freedom of movement for their children, while also providing convenience for themselves when it comes to dressing their babies.

By 2027, there will be a shift in the population composition in Southeast Asia, with an increase in the population of the 1-4 age group, while the number of newborns is expected to decline. Additionally, there is a global rise in childhood obesity rates, creating more opportunities for the use of pull-up diaper products among older children and those who are overweight. However, the affordability of pull-up diapers will be a key factor in increasing product sales, especially for promoting their use among the larger low-income consumer groups.

The affordability of prices is a key factor in the sales of disposable diapers. Affordable prices can attract consumers to start using disposable diapers. On the other hand, high-value innovative products can cater to the needs of middle to upper-class consumers who are willing to spend more on high-quality products. For example, they may seek diapers with better quality, such as core-based diapers. However, for manufacturers to design successful high-quality products, it is important to understand consumer preferences, factors influencing product adoption, and consumers’ willingness to pay in different markets.

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