The Global Wet Wipes Industrial Market Analysis in 2023

Dec 13, 2023 | News

The Global Wet Wipes Industrial Market Analysis in 2023

——Huge Developing Potentiality in Middle East and the Africa Regions

In recent years, the increasing improvement on people’s consumption abilities and the health consciousness promote the growth of the global wet wipe market, but the European and the American regions are still taking the main market shares. From the classification aspect, the baby wipes is in a large demanding, it will be the first wet wipe growing classification in the coming years.

Wet Wiper Market Analysis

The Wet Wipe as the products used in family, hotel, hospital of many occasions, along with the promotion on people’s consumption abilities and the health consciousness, the global wet wipe market scale is in a continuous growing trend in recent years. In 2019, the global wet wipe market scale reached USD14.447 Billion, in 2020, it reached USD15.356 Billion, the annual growth rate is over 4%. In 2023, it has already reached USD 18.49 Billion, it is estimated that which will reach to USD 24.07 Billion in 2028, and it is estimated that there will be an annual growth rate as 5.42% in 2023-2028.

Baby Wipe is the Largest Demanding

According to different occasions, the ordinary wet wipe can be classified as Baby Wipe, Family Cleaning, Make-up Wipe, Common Wipe, Wet Toilet Paper and Women’s Care Wipe. Presently, the Baby Wipe takes the main market share, it takes a ratio as 44.06%. The second one is the Family Cleaning Wipe and the Make-up Wipe, it takes a ratio over 10%. The Women’s Care Wipe takes the lowest market scale, it only takes totally 1.34% of the whole wet wipes market.

Meanwhile, according to the Eurimonitor prediction, in 2019-2024, the Baby Wipes will also have a rapid progress in the market, and the annual growth rate will reach about 6.9%, which will still be in the No.1 brand classification. But the Common Wipes and the Wet Toilet Paper will also have the annual growth rate as 6%. And the Women’s Care Wipes will grow slowly in the future, it is only about 1.9%.

Huge Developing Potentiality in Middle Africa Regions

From the growing speed, in 2014-2022, the wet wipes markets in Middle East and Africa, Latin America and Asian Pacific regions are much faster than in North America regions, especially in Middle East and Africa regions, the annual growth rate is over 10%. In the future, along with the growth residential consumption abilities in these regions, and the continuous popularity on the residential health consciousness, the wet wipes market scale will have a huge market developing potentiality in Middle East and Africa, Latin America and Asian Pacific Regions.

Jiayue’s Power

Jiayue is providing the wet wipes as Baby Wipes, Adults Wipes, Common Wipes, Wet Toilet Paper, and the self-owned brand as Yibero, which has already successfully exported abroad, mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Africa and some other regions. In this November, we also participated in the Indonesian Exhibition, and we are familiar with the Asian and African Regions’ market conditions. In January, Jiayue is going to participate the exhibition in HK, welcome to visit us ~ for more information, please contact us directly~

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